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Tsunami field trip videos

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Chathams Geological Overview

Take a look at evidence in the landscape of past geological events on Rēkohu Wharekauri Chatham Island. See how these events are linked to tectonic processes that have shaped Aotearoa and produced natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami.

  • How are the Chathams linked to the rest of Aotearoa?
  • Ash from which eruption can be found on the Chathams and what is the significance of this eruption?

What is a tsunami?

Look at what causes tsunami and where tsunami come from. Discover why most of the world’s tsunami are generated in the Pacific Ocean.

  • What tectonic plate creates the Pacific Ring of Fire and how does this impact Aotearoa?
  • Where do tsunami that reach Aotearoa come from?

1868 Arica Tsunami

Head out to Waitangi West and look out over the area that was impacted by New Zealand’s worst tsunami in recorded history. Find out what happened at Tupuangi Pā.

  • Find out more about the 1868 Arica Tsunami and its impacts.
  • Why is it important to remember past tsunami events?

1868 Tsunami – a Mātauranga Māori View

Meet Kelvin from Massey University and find out how his tūpuna were affected by the 1868 Arica Tsunami. Discover how knowledge of this event has been shared in Ngāti Mutunga kōrero.

  • How did some people from Tupuangi Pā manage to survive the 1868 Arica Tsunami?
  • How has this event affected Ngāti Mutunga iwi?

Tsunami Gauge

See a tsunami gauge on Ōwenga wharf and discover more about the equipment used to monitor and measure tsunami.

  • Take a look at GeoNet and see live data from tsunami gauges
  • Why are there not always official warnings for tsunami?

Know Your Zone

Talk to Philip, the Principal at Kaingaroa School and find out how to prepare and respond to a tsunami threat.

  • Find out whether your home or school is in a tsunami evacuation zone
  • Create a plan with your whānau to respond to a natural hazard event

Chathams Emergency Operations Centre

Discover what happens if there is a tsunami warning for the Chathams and how to look out for others during an emergency event.

  • Where is your local emergency welfare centre?
  • Organise your own emergency supplies so you are prepared for a natural hazard event.

Use this video question template Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to think more about each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).