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Experts and web conferences

Meet Murry

Murry is a principal scientist at Gisborne District Council

Meet Pete

Pete is an environmental monitoring team leader at Gisborne District Council

Web conferences

The following questions from schools are answered by Murry and Pete in web conference 1:

  1. Tornadoes are not common in New Zealand. Why is that?
  2. Does Antarctica influence weather events in New Zealand?
  3. We measure rain daily? How do you measure rain and hail?
  4. How dangerous is it for children to be out in rain and thunder?
  5. What mindset helps you cope best to survive in a disaster?
  6. Our recent floods were a one in 200 year event? Was that a weather bomb or an extreme weather event?
  7. What are the most concerning issues for New Zealand weather experts?

CORE Education · LEARNZ Wild Weather podcast 1 of 2

The following questions from schools are answered by Murry and Pete in web conference 2:

  1. What weather do you find most interesting to learn about and study?
  2. Where in NZ does the most severe weather occur?
  3. What do you do when you go to a civil defence centre - what are the next steps once you arrive?
  4. Can you tell us more about how hail is formed? How a tornado is formed?
  5. What are the ongoing effects of a landslide? And are there ways we can prevent them from happening? (We have a lot of houses on the hills here in Eastbourne).
  6. Why is no-one cleaning up/able to clean up Tologa bay?
  7. Is there any severe weather that helps us?
  8. Are young people coming through to do your jobs in the future?
  9. What happens if you go inside a tornado?
  10. What is the general size for tornadoes in New Zealand?

CORE Education · LEARNZ Wild Weather podcast 2 of 2

Other experts

Meet Victor at Uawa and find out more about his mahi as Chairperson of the Te Aitanga a Hauiti Centre of Excellence Trust.

Find out more about the mahi Bronwyn does as an emergency management support officer at Gisborne District Council.

Find out more about the work Joss does as a senior project engineer at Gisborne District Council.