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Videos: wild weather, storms

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Welcome to the field trip 

Visit Uawa Tolaga Bay in Tairāwhiti and discover more about the weather in this area. Find out how local iwi lived with wild weather events and how they predicted these.

  • What weather patterns do you experience in your area and what impacts on these?
  • What extreme weather events have occurred in your area and how were these managed to reduce the impact on people?

Storm surge impacts

Discover what a storm surge is and why they can be so damaging to coastal areas. See where slash from forestry ends up and the problems it can cause.

  • What is a storm surge and when do they occur?
  • How can the impacts of storm surges be reduced?

Weather impacts on community

Victor, a local Uawa resident describes what happens here during extreme weather events. Discover how the community is working together to try and reduce the impacts of slash from forestry.

  • What are the main ways in which land is used in your local area?
  • How do these landuses impact on the environment and how are these impacts managed?

Wild weather rescue 

Local ākonga Henerata shares how she was stranded on the East Cape by a landslide. Find out how she was rescued and what she learned from this experience.

  • When might you need to evacuate your home?
  • What plans do you have in place for an emergency event?

Landslide risk

Take a look at a landslide hazard area in Gisborne where a house used to be. Discover why landslides are common in Tairāwhiti and what can trigger these events.

  • Where are landslides more likely to happen and are there any landslide risk areas in your region?
  • What triggers landslides and what can be done to reduce their impact?

Monitoring Waipaoa Awa 

See how the Waipaoa Awa is monitored and how this information is used to assess flood risk downstream.

  • What tools are used to monitor this awa and why is it an important awa to monitor?
  • Visit your local council website and find out how rivers in you local area are monitored.

Stopbanks stop floods

Take a look at a stop bank which is being constructed as part of the Waipaoa flood protection scheme and find out how it will reduce the impacts flooding in this area.

  • Why has the height of the Waipaoa stop bank been increased?
  • What has been done in your local area to protect people from possible floods?

Emergency supplies you might need

Bronwyn from Civil Defence shares some of the supplies you might need to get through emergency events and take with you if you need to evacuate your home.

  • What emergencies or natural disasters are likely to occur in your local area?
  • Organise your own emergency supplies with your whānau.