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Videos are filmed each day on the field trip and edited each night. Videos will be linked here during the Antarctica field trip from 14 November to the 20th November 2018.

For help and more information about LEARNZ videos, go to Help with Videos in the LEARNZ Support section.

Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).

Watch an introduction to the 2018 Antarctic field trip:

Introduction to Antarctica - cool science in action 2018 from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Monday 12 November

Antarctica... here we come!

Report to the Antarctic Passenger Terminal in Christchurch to check in for your flight to Antarctica. Take your seat on the C17 Globemaster aircraft and buckle up for your five hour flight to the ice.

Wednesday 14 November

Tour de Scott Base

Take a guided tour of New Zealand's Antarctic base and settle into your home for the next week.

Antarctic Field Training

Meet John, an Antarctic Field Trainer, to learn and practice what you need to know about staying safe while living and working in Antarctica. 

Thursday 15 November

Pisten Bully to Cape Evans

Jump aboard a Pisten Bully vehicle and head out across the sea ice to Cape Evans, north of Scott Base to visit the K043 science field camp.

Setting up a Science Field Camp

Meet Andrew Martin from the University of Tasmania and find out more about how the K043 team set up their field camp and why they chose Cape Evans for their research.

Responsible Camping

Follow scientist Andrew Martin, as you tour the field camp and see what they do to reduce their impact on the fragile environment of Antarctica.

Friday 16 November

Mind that hole!

Meet Emiliano a PhD student from the University of Tasmania and find out how they have drilled a hole in the sea ice to study sea ice microbial communities.

Sea ice gardens

Talk with Andrew Martin about the importance of sea ice algae. Discover how these gardens form the base of the Antarctic marine food web and how scientists will be testing how these algae respond to changes in sea ice and snow depth.

Shelter for the night

Help Shelley to pitch a tent and find out what you need to spend a comfortable night out in Antarctica.