Virtual Field Trips for New Zealand Schools

LEARNZ is a programme of free virtual field trips taking students to remote places all over New Zealand, Antarctica and beyond. Let us take you there!

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Virtual Field Trips for New Zealand Schools

LEARNZ is a series of free online virtual field trips for teachers and their classes, taking them to remote places all over New Zealand and Antarctica. Let us take you there!

What is a virtual field trip?

A virtual field trip gives you access to online video and audio feeds, activities and much more.

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  • Term 2 2018

    Kauri Dieback 2018

    the spread and management of disease

  • On Now

    Land, Sky and Space 2018

    accurate satellite positioning takes off!

  • Term 2 2018

    Kokako 2018

    restoring birdsong to Mt Pirongia

  • Term 2 2018

    Adapting after emergencies

    lessons from Kaikōura and Hurunui





Teacher comments + watch on video

For my Year 4 class enjoyed the learning experience. The virtual field trip raised their awareness of how special and unique Antarctica is and made them think about being the guardians of the area.

Jacqueline Barrett from Westbrook School
comments on Antarctica

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