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Videos: Satellite positioning

Watch the introductory video for this field trip:

Introduction to Land, Sky and Space - accurate satellite positioning takes off! from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 22 May

1. SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System)

Drive out to Christchurch Airport and meet Dave Verma who is managing a self-driving vehicle trial. Find out how GPS signals can be made more accurate, reliable and faster through SBAS and how this trial system works.

2. Experience the Ohmio Hop

Hop aboard this self-driving vehicle and think about how these vehicles could change the way we travel. See how they work and find out where they will be used in Christchurch.

3. Aircraft Navigation Technology

Meet Mike Haines from Airways, find out more about his job and how planes navigate. See how SBAS could be used to help planes fly more often in and out of regional airports.

4. Inside the Cockpit of the Flight Inspection Aircraft

Take a look at all the gadgets and displays inside the cockpit of this plane and see how technology is being used to help pilots navigate safely.

Wednesday 23 May

1. The Awarua Ground Station

Drive south of Invercargill to the Awarua Satellite Ground Station and find out how this station connects with satellites and helps make rocket launches from New Zealand possible.

2. Location Technologies for the Forestry Industry

Visit the Southwood chip mill to see how satellite-based navigation technology is used by this industry.

3. Fly a Drone at Verdon College

Launch a drone and find out how drones are used to take aerial photos and manage wilding pines. Meet students from Verdon College and find out what they have been learning about drones and other technology during Techweek.

4. Stopping the Spread of Wilding Pines with Location Based Technology

Meet experts from Land Information New Zealand and Environment Southland and discover how they are using location-based information to help manage wilding pines in Southland and across New Zealand.

Thursday 24 May

1. Land Surveying and Boundary Markers

Drive out to a new subdivision in Sawyers Bay to see how surveyors find and map property boundaries. Find out how accurate surveyors have to be for different types of land.

2. Getting Better Location Information

Meet Robert Odolinski at the University of Otago School of Surveying to find out how location information can be improved and what's needed to get precise positions.

3. Changes in Land Surveying

Meet Chris Pearson a Research Fellow at the University of Otago and discover how surveying technology has changed over time.

4. Using SBAS for Land Surveying

Take a walk across farmland to a wetland to see how it has been surveyed using SBAS technology and find out how it is being protected.

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