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Web Conferences

Web conferences with schools are hosted live from the field by the LEARNZ Teacher and are coordinated by the LEARNZ Office. More about web conferences.


To book as a speaking school, email andrew the LEARNZ Teacher andrew.penny@core-ed.org.


NB: Times are a guide only - feel free to request a time more suitable for your class timetable.

Web conference date 2019 Time Location Topic Experts Speaking schools Recording
#1 Tuesday 25 June 2019 9:15am Belmont School How you can use Google Earth, Voyager, and Tourbuilder for your own inquiry projects. Duane Wilkins, Belmont School students, John Bailey from Google. Upokongaro School (scroll down for questions) Replay at https://vimeo.com/344206089 (45 minutes) - the passcode is on the left of your teacher's MyLEARNZ. 
#2 Wednesday 26 June 2019 9:15am Belmont School How students and teachers researched their own Map My Waahi stories. Duane Wilkins St Mary's School - Blenheim (scroll down for questions) Replay at https://vimeo.com/344426211 (40 minutes) - the passcode is on the left of your teacher's MyLEARNZ.
#3 Thursday 27 June 2019 9:15am Te Kura Māori o Porirua How mapping tools can be used to tell stories of whakapapa, including Māori sites of significance. Duane Wilkins, Lynette Townsend, Whaea Evelyn from Te Kura Māori o Porirua Ilam School (scroll down for questions) Replay at https://vimeo.com/344681500 (44 minutes) - the passcode is on the left of your teacher's MyLEARNZ.

Questions for web conference 1 - Tuesday 25 June at 9:15am: Upokongaro School, year 5-6

  1. Who made Google? Heeni
  2. How do the maps get made? Manaia And, how do the maps look so realistic? Maui
  3. How do you know where the places are? Oshynn
  4. Why is it blocky when you start to zoom in to something in Google Earth? Liam
  5. How did they get pictures of everywhere in the world? Zahrik
  6. How do they get the information about places? Maile
  7. How are Google Earth and Google Maps different? Maile
  8. Why can’t you go into buildings like the White House? Maile
  9. Why did they make Tour Builder? Zahrik
  10. Is there lots of people adding their stories with pictures in Tourbuilder? Takahia

Further questions

  1. What did people use before Google maps? Zoe, Ash - AIS
  2. Who made APPLE? - Cory
  3. Who made the first satellite? - Awesome Eight
  4. Who made YouTube? - Corey, Awesome Eight
  5. When was Google Earth made?
  6. Why is Google free? Thompson Twins
  7. Why is Youtube free? AISshep28
  8. Will the Huawei diagreement with USA affect Google? Emri, 
  9. Did all the Google Maps places go online at once or did they put it out for USA and then add places? Upokongaro School
  10. Why is Steve Jobs a big part of history? Did he own pixar at one time? Cory
  11. Who writes the information for Google Maps? Upokongaro School
  12. How long has the Internet been around for? Renae

Questions for web conference 2 - Wednesday 26 June at 9:15am: St Mary's School, Blenheim, year 5

  1. How do you begin to map out your heritage?
  2. What were some challenges you faced when researching your family history?
  3. Were there some surprising things you learned about your family?
  4. Has your project helped you or your family in any way? If so,how?
  5. Who invented GIS and when?
  6. How much time would it take to map a small island completely?
  7. How often are the images on Google Earth updated?
  8. On Google Earth can you see things such as ships that have sunk into the ocean?

Further questions

  1. Have any of you found out that you are related to anyone well-known or famous? LEARNZ Office
  2. How much extra internet research did the students do about the places their families came from? Upokongaro School
  3. How does Google Earth get pictures of all the planets? Cory
  4. Why is it important to know where you come from? Connor - Fergusson Intermediate
  5. Can you see images from the mars rovers? Cory - Fergusson Intermediate

Questions for web conference 3 - Thursday 27 June at 9:15am: Ilam School, year 6

  1. How have you used the traditional Māori mapping tools and ways of sharing information around their maps to help create digital maps? Soren
  2. We read about Turangawaewae being a powerful Māori concept. What are some of the other powerful Māori concepts that have particularly influenced cultural mapping? Emma
  3. When tīpuna revisited a special place before digital mapping, what would happen if the environment had really changed? How would they recognise and make sure they were in the right place especially if there were similar features close by? Medha
  4. How do you put the cultural map information onto the digital maps and how was all the information for the Ngāi Tahu cultural map gathered? Harsh
  5. There are so many places named and located on the Ngāi Tahu cultural map. Before their digital cultural map, how could they be sure they were in the place they said they were and how can you be sure of the accuracy of the location of the places put forward for the cultural map? Where was the evidence? Hector
  6. Before GPS and satellites how did they create accurate maps? To what extent did the creators of digital maps use older maps? Daniel
  7. How many satellites are there in space and how often are they replaced? What happens to the ones that are replaced? Medha
  8. How long does it take a satellite to orbit the earth and how does it stay in its orbit? Rehan
  9. How did you set satellites in a position so that they won’t collide? Umar
  10. Does space trash affect satellites? Alex

More questions

  1. Where does the word Māori come from? Students from Fergusson Intermediate School (FIS)
  2. Is Google Map more accurate than traditional Māori mapping tools or is it the other way round? Indira from FIS
  3. If you went into space what would be the chance of hitting a satellite? Students from FIS

Web conferences enable students to put questions to experts who are on location. Image: Shelley Hersey, LEARNZ.