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Audioconferences for Memorial Park 2

Audioconferences form an integral part of the LEARNZ virtual field trip experience.

To protect the privacy of participants, in particular school students, audioconferences are only accessible via a LEARNZ login.

Audioconferences for Memorial Park 2 in May 2014:

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  • Audioconference timetable - including times, places, experts, topics, and links to the questions and summaries
  • Audioconference questions - from schools for each audioconference
  • Audioconference summaries - submitted by speaking and listening schools after an audioconference 
  • Audioconference recordings - listen to audioconferences recorded during this field trip
  • Audioconference stream - listen live to LEARNZ audiostreams over the Internet
  • Audioconference backchannel -  type extra questions, get answers and share during live audioconferences

For other information about audioconferences go to LEARNZ Support or log in to MyLEARNZ.