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Meet Russell Scoones


Site engineer on the Memorial Park underpass structure.

Job description: 

Daily management of site construction teams to ensure work is completed correctly and within timeframes to a high quality. Daily organisation of materials, quality checking, practical problem solving for construction methodologies and proposals for alterations to designs, and lots of teamwork!

Work background: 

I have worked on a variety of interesting projects since leaving school and university – from the underpass in Wellington, a runway in the Solomon Islands, and a few projects in Auckland including a bridge, drainage, roads and a public park.

Favourite part of job: 

Seeing the daily progress of a project – starting from scratch on a bare site and achieving a build that you are proud to go back to and feel that you played a part in the success.

Least favourite part of job: 

Working in the mud and rain in the middle of winter – but the job makes up for it in summer when everyone else is trapped in an office and you can be outside in the sun all day!


Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours (Civil).

Interests outside work: 

Surfing, diving, and overseas travel.

Watch the video where Russell talks about his work (18Mb mp4 file).

Russell Scoones is the site engineer on the Memorial Park underpass structure.