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Meet Lynsey Morgan


Stakeholder Communications Specialist with Memorial Park Alliance.

Job description: 

Communicating with stakeholders means talking with a whole range of people who are interested in the tunnel and park project, including; government, design and construction organisations involved with the Memorial Park Alliance, the people who live near our project or who drive or walk past it, with newspaper, radio and TV reporters, and with my fellow workers in our office and on our project site.

I tell people all about the tunnel and park project and help them understand its significance for our nation. I write booklets and newsletters, talk to people and take them on tours of the project and organise signs and information posters to put up on the project fences for passersby to see. 

Work background: 

I have been working in communications for many years and have been a newspaper reporter, a community newspapers editor, a public relations writer, and now stakeholder communications specialist. A very long time ago, I was a primary school teacher and a childcare centre supervisor.

Favourite part of job: 

I really enjoy working with Mt Cook School next door to our project and helping the children learn about everything we do. I wrote a small book called Right beside our school for them and we use that booklet to show all the interested people what we have been doing. I have enjoyed taking the children on tours of the project and seeing how fascinated they are with all the machinery, construction and design of the place.

What I am working on now: 

I am working on a big book with our graphic designer and photographer which will show how the Memorial Park Alliance went about making the tunnel and park. It is being especially made for all the people who have worked on the project.

  • Certificate in Child Care
  • Diploma in Education¬†
  • Newspaper cadetship
Interests outside work: 

Reading, yoga, gardening, being outdoors.

Watch the video where Lynsey talks about her work (15 Mb mp4 file).

Meet Lynsey Morgan from the Memorial Park Alliance. Image: NZTA.