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Videos: Tectonic plate boundary, Hawkes Bay earthquakes

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Introduction to Life at the Boundary - investigating natural hazards from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 31 October 

1. Plate Boundary Impacts

Enjoy the views from Te Mata peak. Discover how this land has been shaped and why New Zealand has geohazards.

2. Layers tell a Geological Story

Take a walk along the beach at Cape Kidnappers and look back in time to find out about the stories that the layers in the cliffs can tell.

3. When Land Comes Crashing Down

Venture north of Napier to Waipatiki Beach to see an active rockfall. Look at what can trigger landslides and how to identify at risk areas.

4. Changes from the 1931 Napier Earthquake

See how the city of Napier has been shaped by a major earthquake and what lessons were learned from this event.

Wednesday 1 November

1. Fault Science for Future Earthquake Preparation

Stand above the Awanui Fault which caused the 1931 Napier earthquake and find out how geologists know where faults are.

2. Rising and Falling of Ahuriri Estuary

Take a look around the Ahuriri Estuary and look for evidence of uplift from the 1931 Napier earthquake.

3. The Hazard of Liquefaction

Walk across the mudflats and see why this type of ground is not good for building on. Complete an experiment to show how liquefaction occurs.

4. Tsunami - A Coastal Hazard

Climb up to a look out above Pakuratahi Valley on the coast. Talk to earthquake geologist Ursula Cochran about the risk of tsunami and what to do if a tsunami occurs.

Thursday 2 November

1. Strong Foundations for Resilient Buildings

Put on your high-vis vest and hard hat, and see how a building can be made stronger to withstand earthquakes.

2. Living on the Edge

Look over the edge of a landslide on Napier Hill and see how geotechnical engineers have made this site safe.

3. Building on Challenging Land

Take a look around the Te Awa subdivision in Napier and discover how this hazardous area has been made safe to build on.

4. Earthquake Resilient Houses

Go inside a brand new home and look at how it has been designed to be more resilient to earthquakes. Find out how to make your own home safer during an earthquake.