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Ambassador Judah

Hi there,

I'm Judah from Monbit Ivy House. I'm a clever and curious lion, and I ask many questions! My favourite pastimes include reading and going on adventures. I can't wait to head to Wellington to find out more about rail safety and sustainable transport.

See you there,


Monday 12 August

Kia ora,

The day started off spectacularly with glorious views out over the mountains as we flew north. By the time we got to Wellington the weather had deteriorated and we could barely see the airport until we landed. Despite the cold wet weather we managed to get out and explore Wellington. I even got to see the Beehive.

Tomorrow we are off to the station to see how trains are used in Wellington.

See you in the morning,


Tuesday 13 August

Kia ora,

It was a much nicer day in Wellington today. The sun was shining, and it was the perfect day to head out on the train. We saw how all trains in New Zealand are controlled by computers right here in Wellington. We also saw how a train simulator can be used to help teach people how to drive trains. It was surprisingly realistic, and it felt cool speeding through tunnels.

Tomorrow we are going to find out how trains can help move freight all over the country.

See you then,


Wednesday 14 August

Kia ora,

Wellington reminded us that it is still winter today. We started the day at the mechanical depot and it was freezing! I learnt that a train is only called a train when it has carriages and the engine is called a locomotive, or loco. We saw locos being checked and I was surprised to see that locos carry sand to spread on the tracks if they are slippery. Sand increases grip (or friction) and can help slow the train down if it has to brake in an emergency. We also looked at how technology is helping to make rail crossings safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Tomorrow we are heading out of the city on a train to Masterton.

See you in the morning,


Thursday 15 August

Kia ora,

I couldn’t believe how unlucky we were today. The trains in Wellington had all been affected by a power outage. This meant we couldn’t travel to Featherston on the train. We did however get to see inside the service centre where there is heaps of CTV footage used to monitor the Wellington rail network. We also drove out to Featherston and met some friendly students who gave us some helpful safety tips.

I have had a great field trip but I’m looking forward to getting home to share more of my adventures.

See you soon,


Judah is looking forward to the Rail Safety field trip to Wellington. Image: LEARNZ.

Judah finds the Beehive in Wellington. Image: LEARNZ.

Judah learns how to use a train simulator. Image: LEARNZ.

Judah sees how trains are serviced at the Wellington mechanical depot. Image: LEARNZ.

Judah and Māia find out how to use a level crossing safely. Image: LEARNZ.

Judah and Māia reach Featherston, north of Wellington. Image: LEARNZ.

Judah checks out the Featherston train station. Image: LEARNZ.