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Videos: Rail Safety, Wellington

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Tuesday 13 August

1. Wellington Rail - A Growing Network

Jump aboard a Metlink train run by Transdev and meet Emma Black, an Onboard Team Leader. Find out about Wellington's passenger train service and how many people use these trains.

2. Train Control

Come into the KiwiRail Train Control Centre and meet Kelly Huntley a Train Controller. See how technology is used to track and manage trains across New Zealand's rail network.

3. Rail Safety Chat with a Train Driver

Take a look around the cab of an electric train. Talk to a Locomotive Engineer and find out how you can help keep our rail network safe.

4. Train Driver Training Simulator

See how a train simulator works and how it is used to help train new locomotive engineers.

Wednesday 14 August

1. Looking After the Locos

Take a look around the Wellington loco mechanical depot. Find out how locos are serviced and why they carry sand.

2. Rail Freight Transport

Meet Tony Evans out in the freight yard and see how freight is loaded on to trains. Discover the advantages of moving freight by rail.

3. Rail Freight - Bridging the Gap between North and South Island

Come down to the ferry terminal to watch freight being unloaded. Find out about the challenges of moving freight across the strait and how this process is managed.

4. Safety at Level Crossings

Talk to Megan Drayton from TrackSAFE to find out how to keep yourself and others safe at level crossings.

Thursday 15 August

1. Service Control Centre

Take a look around the service control centre where Wellington's passenger trains are monitored. Find out how security is maintained throughout the network.

2. The Benefits of Rail

Talk to Malia Vehikite, an Energy Graduate working for KiwiRail about the benefits of rail and other forms of transport. Think about the future of transport and how you choose to travel.

3. Crossing Railway Tracks Safely

Meet students from St Theresa's School. Discover how these students keep on track with their learning and see how to cross a level crossing safely.

4. Connecting Communities with Rail

Explore the impacts of rail on small communities, then take a look at the challenges of creating and maintaining these rail connections.

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