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Meet Donna Harley


Operations Manager, Masterton.

Job description: 

Manage the day to day operations of rail within the Wairarapa.

Work background: 

Used to be a short hand secretary before working for KiwiRail (have also worked for a cricket bat company). Within KiwiRail I have held positions in a secretary role, customer services, sales and now shunting, driving a forklift, driving a shunt engine and managers role.

Favourite part of job: 

Driving a 48 tonne container toplift forklift and a small shunting engine affectionately called “Little Toot.”

Least favourite part of job: 

Putting my wet weather gear on and long meetings!

What I am working on now: 

Working on organising two 30 wagon log trains to run between Wellington and Waingawa this weekend. Each train is the length of 4 rugby fields end for end and the weight of the train is equal to over 1040 cars!


Shunter, Train Examiner, TR train driver, trainer, heavy forklift driver, heavy truck driver and many more.

Interests outside work: 

Horses, motorbikes, mountain bikes and sunshine!

Donna Harley is the Masterton Operations Manager for KiwiRail. Image: Supplied.