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Videos: Adapting after the Kaikoura earthquake

Tuesday 26 June

The Great Wall of Waiau

You are at Woodchester Station with University of Canterbury geologist Dr Kate Pedley. Go for a trek through the muddy paddocks for a close-up look at the “Waiau Wall”, one of many sections of fault scarps formed along faults as part of the November 2016 earthquake.

Earthquake Stories from Woodchester Station

Meet the Kelley family boys from Woodchester Station. They all have some interesting stories to tell about their earthquake experience.

Adapting After an Emergency

Rebekah Kelley shares an insight to some of the challenges they have faced along the way with earthquake recovery on the farm at Woodchester Station. But it is good to hear how new opportunities have also been created because of the earthquake.

What are those Round Boulders?

Head down to Gooch’s Beach with Dr Kate Pedley. See how this part of the coastline has uplifted by about a metre. But check out the beachball sized round rocks! I wonder what they are and where they have come from.

Generosity and Community Spirit

You are at Takahanga Marae with Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura representative Brett Cowen. Brett explains how the marae became a key area of refuge immediately after the earthquake. He also talks about how the earthquake has shaped the iwi going forward.

Earthquake Uplift and Kaimoana

About 30 minutes’ drive north from Kaikōura is Paparoa Point. This area of the coastline was uplifted five metres by the earthquake. Te Korowai representative Jason Ruawai talks about the effect this uplift has had on the tidal zone. Why are the rocks white? I wonder what can be done to help the pāua which were wiped out from this uplift.

Wednesday 27 June

Community Within a Community - The NCTIR Village

Welcome to the NCTIR village! This village was constructed to accommodate many of those working on various parts of the road reconstruction. It sure is a well organised facility. Take a look around and out more from NCTIR People and Culture Manager Belinda De Zwart.

The Reconstruction of State Highway 1 

You have driven about 30 minutes’ north of Kaikōura and are looking back at Ohau Point, one of the major slips that happened along State Highway 1. NCTIR Project Manager for the Ohau Point sea walls, Clark Butcher, gives an overview of the project and the challenging work that has been taking place. But is it all just about the road?

Kiri and the Emergency

In this video you meet Kaikōura local Brendan and his daughter. Brendan’s daughter sings a song from the book Kiri and the Emergency. This story is a first aid resource for children. The picture book and videos build children's understanding of danger and what to do in an emergency. You’ll certainly see how effective it is!

Thursday 28 June

Student Stories from Kaikōura Suburban School 

Meet some students and hear about their earthquake experiences. I wonder how long it was before the school was running again after the earthquake.

The Kaikōura Suburban School Story

Schools are often a key hub in a community and an important place of refuge for people following an emergency. Meet Kaikōura Suburban School principal Hayden van Lent and hear some of the ways the school has been moving forward after the earthquake event.You’ve made your way to Kaikōura Suburban School. 

Te Hā o Mātauranga Learning in Kaikōura 

Rachel Vaughan from Te Hā o Mātauranga in Kaikōura talks about the idea of ‘topping up the wellness bank’ following an emergency event. She discusses the five ways to wellbeing and the importance of community when adapting after an emergency.

Fossil Point Cafe and Gallery 

In Greta Valley there is a cool place called Fossil Point Café. We join the café’s owner Kim Henderson in her art studio. Here she discusses how her creative processes have helped her to express feelings of frustration brought on by the earthquake, which negatively impacted her newly established business.

This Field Trip and the New Zealand Red Cross

In this video you meet Jill Short, Recovery Coordinator for New Zealand Red Cross/Rīpeka Whero Aotearoa. For this last video for the field trip, you might like to think of and discuss key ideas you now have about adapting after an emergency.

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