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Why Go Sailing

Health and Safety
A Brief History of Sailing

Going on an expedition such as a Spirit of Adventure voyage are good for you, the people around you and the environment.

Hauora - well-being

Hauora involves the physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual parts of health. When you go on an expedition such as a waka voyage you are able to develop all of these areas.

Taha tinana - Physical well-being

  • physical fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance
  • agility, co-ordination and balance
  • new or better skills
  • knowing physical limits.

Taha hinengaro - Mental and emotional well-being

  • self confidence
  • decision-making skills
  • working towards a goal
  • coping with difficult situations
  • managing risks
  • survival skills.

Taha whānau - Social well-being 

  • meeting people and making friends
  • co-operative skills
  • working together as a team
  • encouraging other people to give things a go.

Taha wairua - Spiritual well-being 

  • getting close to nature and seeing it at its best
  • learning about the environment
  • seeing why the environment is worth looking after
  • self-awareness
  • connecting with culture.

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Start planning! Get together with your family, friends or classmates and start planning your own adventure on land or water.

Taha Tinana: Being physically able to handle the demands of the ocean and sailing. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

Taha Hinengaro: Having the knowledge of how to sail safely and properly. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust.

Taha whānau: Working as a team and making new friends. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

Taha Wairua: Being at one with Tangaroa and the stars plus everyone in your crew. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

Any outdoor activity gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself, get close to nature and appreciate our natural world. Image: LEARNZ.

Health and Safety
A Brief History of Sailing