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Why Go Sailing

Health and Safety
A Brief History of Sailing

Going on an expedition such as a Spirit of Adventure voyage will have many benefits for you, the people around you and the environment.

Hauora - well-being

A good way to look at the benefits of participating in an expedition such as a Spirit of New Zealand voyage is to view them in the context of hauora - well-being. The concept of well-being includes the physical, mental and emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. By planning, preparing and participating in an expedition you create the opportunity to develop within all of these four dimensions.

Taha tinana - Physical well-being

  • improving physical fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance
  • improving agility, co-ordination and balance
  • developing new or better skills
  • gaining awareness of physical limits.

Taha hinengaro - Mental and emotional well-being

  • increasing self confidence
  • building motivation
  • improving decision-making skills
  • gaining satisfaction from working towards a goal
  • learning to cope with challenging situations
  • developing resilience and independence
  • learning how to assess and manage risks
  • gaining survival skills.

Taha whānau - Social well-being 

  • gaining recognition or respect for what you can achieve
  • travelling to new and exciting places
  • meeting people and developing friendships
  • learning co-operative skills
  • working together as a team and building trust
  • inspiring other people to give things a go.

Taha wairua - Spiritual well-being

  • getting close to nature and seeing it at its best
  • increased knowledge and awareness of the environment
  • seeing that the environment is worth protecting
  • gaining a better understanding of interconnectedness and our place in 'the big picture'
  • developing self-awareness
  • connecting with culture.

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Start planning! Get together with your family, friends or classmates and start planning your own adventure on land or water.

Taha Tinana: Being physically able to handle the demands of the ocean and sailing. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

Taha Hinengaro: Having the knowledge of how to sail safely and properly. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust.

Taha whānau: Working as a team and making new friends. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

Taha Wairua: Being at one with Tangaroa and the stars plus everyone in your crew. Image: Spirit of Adventure Trust. 

Any outdoor activity gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself, get close to nature and appreciate our natural world. Image: LEARNZ.

Health and Safety
A Brief History of Sailing