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LEARNZ field trip Evaluation Forms

Screenshot of evaluation form for LEARNZ field trips.LEARNZ is free of charge for teachers in NZ schools. To keep LEARNZ free, a condition of enrolling in a field trip is that teachers tick a box that indicates they agree to log in to MyLEARNZ and evaluate each field trip in which they have enrolled a class.

As part of the LEARNZ team at CORE Education, we believe in providing opportunities for teachers to reflect on their teaching practice and that our evaluation form is an appropriate way to encourage this. Evaluations provide valuable feedback to field trip funders and help LEARNZ to continually evolve.

How is it organised?
Parts of the evaluation form are tick-in-the-box. Other parts require comments, which we particularly value as they can help other teachers. Read comments from teachers.

Gather your evidence
While using a field trip with their class, teachers may wish to keep the evaluation questions in the back of their mind and make notes so that when the time comes to fill in the form, it can be done quickly, accurately and completely. Teachers may also wish to note comments from students to later copy-and-paste into the evaluation form. Some teachers even fill out the form with their class providing input right there and then.

What's in the Evaluation Form?
Below are the main questions in the Evaluation Form at MyLEARNZ. 

  • Evaluate the components you used on the selected field trip above using the following ranking
    (0=did not use -> 4=very useful)
    • Background pages
    • Activities
    • Diaries
    • Photos and captions
    • Māori keywords
    • Videos
    • SOLO taxonomy
    • Live web conferences
    • Replay web conferences
    • Ambassador pages
  • How appropriate was this field trip for your class?
  • How effective was this field trip for your class?
  • For your class, how did this field trip support the Principles, Values, Key Competencies, Learning Areas and Vision of the NZ Curriculum?
  • To what extent has LEARNZ transformed your teaching practice?
  • What other comments do you have about the benefits of this field trip to Māori, Pasifika or Special Needs learners?

Have a query about the Evaluation Form? Email help@learnz.org.nz