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Teacher letter to parents

Teacher letter to parents

We suggest you copy-and-paste into an email or document the following suggested text for parents in the build-up to a LEARNZ virtual field trip.

Dear Parent/Caregiver/Whanau

Over the next few weeks your child will be preparing to go on a class field trip to (enter field trip location here eg Antarctica ____________________). This is a virtual trip so there is no need for transport or risk management plans etc! This learning adventure is part of the LEARNZ virtual field trip programme, from CORE Education.

The purpose of this virtual field trip is to support learning in (classroom teacher enter curriculum learning areas here _______________________ and _____________________).

There are lots of ways you as a parent/caregiver can support your child’s virtual field trip experience.

Explore the website (enter the field trip website address here _____________________________________________________________________________) with your child using the class login (not required for 2018 trips onwards):
class username: _________________ (not required for 2018 trips onwards)
class password: _________________ (not required for 2018 trips onwards)

Before the trip explore the background readings and activities, during the trip watch the videos (and try to answer the questions), read the diaries, view the images and listen to answers from experts.

Read with your child the following recommended books available from (teacher to enter library name or other location here ________________________) about the topic 

  • Book 1 title/author ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Book 2 title/author ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • etc

There are more ideas about supporting your child’s virtual field trip experience at http://www.learnz.org.nz/support/parents.

Class Teacher