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Speaking and Presenting


There is a unique speaking opportunity for students on a LEARNZ virtual field trip:

  • putting their own question directly to an expert during a live audioconference

Such a speaking opportunity has value because it is:

  • intrinsic: the student owns the question
  • immediate: the expert answers the student’s question right then and there
  • personal: the student and the expert form a relationship, albeit brief
  • integrated: the question and answer are part of a larger classroom learning and teaching programme


Material on the website for a LEARNZ virtual field trip is Creative Commons (but people must give credit to material produced by others and cannot sell what they create).

Students have the opportunity, therefore, to re-work LEARNZ items into their own digital or physical presentations, such as:

  • slideshows
  • blog posts
  • videos
  • seminars

Ideally, their new presentation would include their own and LEARNZ items, such as:

  • videos
  • photos
  • drawings
  • diagrams
  • mind maps
  • graphs and designs
  • audio snippets
  • writing (headings, summary text)

Presentations could be shared with

  • classmates
  • other classes (in a syndicate or school assembly)
  • their teacher(s)
  • parents, caregivers, whanau
  • wider community

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