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Web conferences speaking schools

A live audioconference from a field trip location.Web conferences - speaking schools

Being a Speaking School means you can ask questions during an audioconference.

If you would like to participate (free) as a Speaking School you need to

  • make an audioconference booking (email the LEARNZ Teacher)
  • book in at least 6 days before the start of the field trip
  • organise a quiet classroom
  • setup and test your laptop or computer with the LEARNZ Zoom Room

The first field trip newsletter will request your booking and the LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher will confirm it by email.

Each web conference has a specific focus. The questions your students generate should be based on the appropriate background web pages and the expert profile pages. Questions need to be emailed to the LEARNZ Teacher at least 4 days before the beginning of the field trip. You will be emailed with confirmation of these shortly afterwards. The questions are then added to the website for all enrolled classes to access.

  • You may find a web conference Summary Sheet useful for students
  • Your class is encouraged to send a summary of the web conference you took part in. It will be credited to your class and published on the field trip website

To enter the web conference as a speaking school:

  1. Before the day of your web conference ensure you have the url for the LEARNZ Zoom Room.
  2. Go to the url of the LEARNZ Zoom Room
  3. Type your classname and click Enter as Guest
  4. The LEARNZ office will chair the web conference and support all classes taking part. You may hear people talking already.
  5. Use the Chat pod to type a message and introduce yourselves eg "Hi, it's Otago School here."
  6. Press the mute icon to mute your microphone

Some helpful points:

  • To un-mute your microphone (eg to ask your questions) during an web conference press the mute button again
  • Any problems email help@learnz.org.nz
  • See also 'Web conferences: Tips for Success.

The fine print!

While we will do our utmost to ensure that everything goes to plan, it doesn't always! At times the weather or other events may force us to adopt contingency plans. We will make every attempt to contact all enrolled classes to inform them of last minute changes. We cannot accept responsibility for web conferences that do not take place or are interrupted for reasons beyond our control.

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