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Web conference tips for success

A live audioconference for a Wandering Whales field trip.Taking part in an web conference as a Booked Speaking School or Unbooked Text-chatting School is easy, fun and free. To make sure you are familiar with what to do, here are some tips.

Prior to the web conference:

  • Make sure the equipment is setup how it will be on the day and that you know how to operate it.

In preparation for the web conference check that:

  1. you have a quiet room
  2. you have copies of the web conference Summary Sheet
  3. you have copies of the web conference questions for each student or display the questions using a data projector or put them in a class folder for sharing
  4. your laptop is setup with the free web conferencing software add-in
  5. your class is comfortably seated
  6. your students know what is expected of them
  7. all students are close to and approximately the same distance from the laptop or computer
  8. you and your dstudents have reviewed your school's Internet Use Policy so students are reminded how to behave online

During your web conference:

Keep students on task during the web conference by:

  • Giving students a web conference Summary Sheet
  • Having resources for students to look at eg posters, books and brochures or a computer screen with relevant images from the website
  • Drawing a mind-map on paper or a whiteboard as it unfolds

Speaking Schools - these things help the web conference run smoothly:

  • Place your laptop on a hard reflective surface
  • When not speaking press the mute button on your screen/device. This is important as it prevents your background noise from being broadcast.
  • When asking a question, press the mute button again so your device is no longer muted
  • Speak at your normal pitch and volume
  • Direct your voice towards the microphone
  • Do not hold a book or paper between you and the microphone when asking a question
  • Always identify yourself by firstname only when speaking. “Hi I'm Tom. My question is...". Remember people at other sites cannot see who you are, your facial expressions or your surroundings
  • Put the next speaking students close to the laptop so they are right ready to ask their question when prompted

After the web conference:

  • Take a few minutes to respond to questions, ideas and comments. Check over the key ideas from the web conference on your whiteboard.
  • You may want to listen to the web conference again from the website
  • Create a class summary of the web conference and email it to summaries@learnz.org.nz to be put on the field trip website

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