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Why sign up to a LEARNZ field trip?

Follow students from other schools as they take actionReasons to sign up to a LEARNZ virtual field trip:

1. Newsletters

Emailed newsletters are sent out to teachers who have signed up to a field trip. Their main purpose is to direct teachers to newly released material.

  • 1st Newsletter - from 2022 when all material is published such as Discovery reading pages and quizzes, Google Earth Tour and videos. Web conference bookings are requested.
  • 2nd Newsletter - the week after the field trip, when recordings of the web conferences and the evaluation form are released.
  • 3rd newsletter - a few weeks after the field trip, reminding teachers to complete an evaluation, with the chance of winning a prize.

If you enrol after the final newsletter, you may not be sent any emails but are free to use all the field trip material.

2. Live Web conferences

Signed up teachers can book to take part in web conferences. Everyone can access the audio-only versions of the recordings.

Live web conferences offer the chance for your students to put their questions directly to experts. Booking required.

Live web conferences also offer the chance for any class to ask questions using the chat feature. Booking required.

Instructions for booking and connecting to live web conferences are in field trip newsletters.

3. Recorded Web Conferences

Anyone can access audio-only recordings of web conferences.

Older recordings are accessed via a code in your MyLEARNZ.

4. Evidence of Usage

Providing us with evidence of your use of LEARNZ helps keep LEARNZ free.

We are able to offer LEARNZ free to teachers in New Zealand state, integrated and registered private schools because of financial contributions from our partners. It is important that we provide evidence to them that their funding has created useful educational outcomes for New Zealand learners.

Sign up to field trips via the LEARNZ homepage