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Teacher testimonials

Whats the Plan Stan?

This trip was extremely uselful as our inquiry in Term Four is "Keeping Ourselves Safe". Insights from the experts were particularly effective for my class.

Lynda Lamb from Bell Block School

Very effective not only because of its relevance to the area we live in but also because it enables students to think critically and develop connections within our community. Using LEARNZ trips encourages me to leverage digitally into other areas of my teaching.

Katie Halvorsen from Wanaka Primary School

It was a good starting unit for our term theme of survival and sustainability. The web site structure allowed them to take ownership of their learning and explore. Overall, it was a good way for students to hear from an expert and gain knowledge and insight.

Olivia Greening from Waimea Intermediate

Explanations were clear and my classroom were buzzing all week about the content. Students were keen to research and find out more information, they also spoke to their families about emergency plans and kits at home. Awesome fit for our school inquiry "Keeping myself Safe and Healthy".

Rachael Ingram from Bell Block School

Fantastic resource that our class really enjoyed once again. Thank you. Great planning guide. Easy to use and informative.

Lisa McDonald from Wairau Valley School

This was effective, interesting and aimed at the students' ability, with interesting quizzes too. Students learned a lot and they enjoyed the videos, which generated a lot of discussion. It was good not to be the one imparting the information, to have experts explain how things happen.

Heather Griffin from Piopio Primary School

Allowed us look at geology as well as Civil Defence. Appropriate and effective.

Thomas Leamy from Belmont School (Lower Hutt)

A LEARNZ field trip is such a great motivator. The visuals meant that all students could participate in this field trip during ShakeOut. 

Jacqueline van Der Beek from Omanu School

The background material was appropriate for my class and we asked a question in the live web conference, which was well answered.

Karen Blue from Roxburgh Area School

I always enjoy the LEARNZ Field Trips. They enhance my teaching.

Karen Blue from Roxburgh Area School

Complemented the Key Competencies like self-management and organisation in terms of thinking about your own situation, talking to family about advanced planning etc.

Mark Scully from St Joseph's School Fairlie

We gained valuable information from the experts. We practised 'Managing Self' while completing the web conference task sheets.

Clare Smyth from Sacred Heart Cathedral School

LEARNZ virtual fieldtrips are incredibly engaging. There is plenty of supportive material, the experts are effective communicators with a wealth of knowledge, and the experience really gets the children buzzing! Thanks for everything you do!

Beth Hamilton from Wanaka Primary School

The children were engaged and enjoyed having their questions answered in real time. All the background material with links to NZC was fantastic and we could weave this in to our reading, writing, health and science learning.

Beth Hamilton from Wanaka Primary School

Waste not Wasted

Highly valuable integrated learning. Inclusive. This field trip helped students develop knowledge and understanding of the 5R's of waste management, as they did not have this before, and to think about making a difference by reducing waste.

Kaye Royle from Waitakiri Primary School

Children were highly engaged with the (e)learning. Having the children's own questions answered was so valuable and we loved the link to SOLO, supporting children going from surface to deep. We loved how the children could listen to the background pages not just having to read them. The unit was integrated so well across the learning areas of NZC.

Kaye Royle from Waitakiri Primary School

I have been really surprised about the increase in engagement I have seen because we sent our class ambassador on the trip. The video and photo content made the experience accessible to all of my Year 3-4 students. Overall it was great for NZC: Vision - sustainability and environment, Values - community and sustainability, Principles - Community engagement and future focus, Key Competencies (all five), Learning Areas - English and Social Science (but could be linked to any other).

Jane Wallwork from Upper Harbour Primary School

We really enjoyed being a speaking school. We used all the components of the field trip web site - Background pages, Interactive Activities, Photos and Captions, Māori Keywords, Videos, Web Conferences, Ambassadors.

Rebecca Wilcox from Morrinsville School

Dual heritage - Shared future

This field trip was highly engaging for our akonga/students.  Once I understood how to use the site better, it was a terrific teaching resource. It provided what I feel was a "living" experience. Akonga could explore their learning, in a way, as they would if they were there.

Mary MacPherson from Kaingaroa Forest School

I really enjoy the experience of using the LEARNZ field trip as it adds to classroom experiences by being relevant, authentic and with experts adds real value to the children's learning. I use the field trips when the topic is relevant to one that I am already completing with my class, rather than add in as an extra.

Elizabeth Cranney from St Francis Xavier School Tawa

Appropriate, as it added to the class learning on our topic of Explorers. The field trip allowed for independent work such as reading background pages and completing activities but it also enabled me to have authentic extension reading activities for my top reading groups.

Elizabeth Cranney from St Francis Xavier School Tawa

This field trip beautifully complimented our work on Tuia 250. Really good for Treaty of Waitangi, Māori history - te Ao Māori, and Social Science.

Rosemary Adams from Raumati Beach School

Ahuahu Great Mercury Island

The field trip created opportunities for our Maori students to share their new learning with their whanau and ask questions to deepen their own understanding of important places for their iwi and whanau.

Marcia Karaitiana from Ascot Community School

The learning in the field trip fitted perfectly with our Social Science focus for the term and was an appropriate level for my Year 7/8 class.  It also linked in with Science Fair work - so helped keep students engaged.

Marcia Karaitiana from Ascot Community School

My students enjoy being able to read and listen to the background pages so they can all do the interactive quizzes, which is also a great motivation for the boys in my class as it brings out their competitive nature!

Marcia Karaitiana from Ascot Community School