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Teacher testimonials

Marine Reserves

The learning was well suited to the needs of my Year 7 & 8 class. My Maori and Pasifika students valued being able to integrate their own prior knowledge of sea life into this field trip inquiry.

Gabriel Hawke from St Mary's School (Hastings)

A great resource for NZ teachers and students. As always, this Marine Reserves virtual field trip infused all the Key Competencies and the Vision of the NZ Curriculum.

Natasha Greatorex from Whakamarama School

We used this for writing, enviro links and Sea Week connections. It helped engage the students and they loved having an ambassador to follow.

Jayne Alexander from Waiheke Primary School

We cannot easily get out on actual fieldtrips so this is an especially good alternative. Integrated well with our Sustainability course.

Morag Padfield from Auckland Girls' Grammar School

Taking part in this field trip has empowered my students and motivated them to give back to their own community by raising money for EMR at Goat Island. It has also helped me to be more flexible in my teaching.

Suzanne Scourfield from Whangarei Girls' High School

People and Water

I love how it helps my (secondary school) students see that they are part of a bigger picture and enforces the idea that small changes from individuals amount to big changes. Perfect for our topic of sustainability and worked in really well with the Sustainable Seas virtual field trip.

Jessica McConnell from Mount Hutt College

LEARNZ field trips like this expose my students to things (places, concepts, experts etc) that they would not otherwise be exposed to.

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School

Year 4-5 student comment: "Doing this field trip was interesting because I was learning about irrigators and water on earth".

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School

Year 4-5 student comment: "It is interesting because the people know stuff that we don't know - it's good to read and watch the videos about it."

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School

I loved the way it generated discussion and encouraged inquiry so my students really thought about how we use and manage water. I also love how the students can access the material themselves and monitor their own interest in the before and after work.

Denise Barrington from Kerikeri Primary School

We planned a trip to discover Canterbury based on this virtual field trip. It was good for the students to meet real life experts and it was good to follow Andrew's progress via daily updates online.

Vanessa Burrell from Haeata Community Campus

It was effective to tune students into ideas they had not thought of, and wonder. The virtual field trip is a good way to leave the classroom without the big cost.

Kara Luke from Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School

Very interesting and well explained. It helped my students to think about all the different users of the water and encouraged them to discuss it with whanau.

Judith Stichbury from Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

Sustainable Seas

Highly engaging, targeted the Principles, Values, Key Competencies, Learning Areas and Vision of the NZ Curriculum very well. Fantastic resource!

Malcolm Hepburn from Ngatimoti School

We explored the sustainable use of this area (Nelson) of NZ. We were really interested in the types of fish that were examined and dissected by the experts.

Vanessa Burrell from Haeata Community Campus

It consolidated what we are undertaking with our inquiry unit.

Jonathan Coburn from Puriri School

Appropriate topic to implement the Principles, KC and Vision of the NZC with Year 10 class. Variety of learning activities, useful support and help.

Seuga Frost from Otaki College

Year 4-5 student comment: "It made me think of lots more questions".

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School


Pitched at a perfect level for my Year 4/5 class and went well for our place-based focus for the term. It supported and excited my students in an inclusive and well-planned way.

Nicola Bennett from Wanaka Primary School

The BioBlitz trip was an excellent activity in terms of supporting NZ Curriculum objectives in Science and Ecology for Levels 3 and 4. Science is a way of explaining the world and scientists work together to support their ideas. Ecology - students can see how organisms are adapted to their environment.

Simon Romijn from St Paul's College (Ponsonby)

The Bioblitz field trip allowed our tamariki to further explore their learning context (insects) and to add to their understanding of an area of the science curriculum. The format of the field trip meant that what the children had already learned was given relevance and promoted further inquiry, conversations, excitement and engagement in this context.

Jane Reid from Southbrook School

Great way to extend learners in science and mathematics. Adjustable for Years 1-6. Lots of Key Competencies.

Nicola Douthe from West Park School

It linked in to our syndicate camp in the Tangihuas by Whangarei. It backed up our teaching points on why we need to monitor wildlife and trap introduced pets.

Anna Davis from Dargaville Primary School

Not only did my students enjoy this BioBlitz field trip, they were able to apply their learning to our local area. Having the ability to listen to the background pages being read to them is empowering for my lower ability readers. It means that they can still get the same information and complete the tasks.

Marcia Karaitiana from Ascot Community School

It was an appropriate level of challenge, and was fun and engaging at the same time. My students are buzzing after this experience. and are excited about the next LEARNZ field trip.

Shona Willis from Mataura School