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Videos: People and Water

Watch the introductory video for the People and Water field trip:

Introduction to People and Water from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 23 May

1. The Three Waters - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet Colin Crampton from Wellington Water and discover how they manage Wellington's water network.

2. From Source to Tap - Watch on Vimeo.

Drive out to Wainuiomata and follow the journey of water from its source to your tap.

3. Piping Water to Your Home - Watch on Vimeo.

Look out over Petone toward Wellington City and see where water travels from the treatment plant to parts of Wellington and find out more about the challenges of providing drinking water to Wellington.

4. Sources of Wellington's Water - Watch on Vimeo.

Wander down to the Hutt River and talk to Geoff about all of the different places Wellington gets water from and how it might meet increasing needs in the future.

Wednesday 24 May

1. Removing Solids from Wastewater - Watch on Vimeo.

Visit the Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Wellington and find out about the first stage in treating water.

2. Treating Wastewater - Watch on Vimeo.

Take a look around the rest of the wastewater plant and see how liquid wastewater is treated to make it safe to discharge to the sea.

3. Aquarius the Water Measuring Machine - Watch on Vimeo.

Try out the Aquarius Water Machine and find out how water use is measured and how to better manage your water use.

4. Titahi Bay School Water Savers - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet some students from Titahi Bay School and get some tips on saving water.

Thursday 25 May

1. Water for Fire Fighting - Watch on Vimeo.

Drive to the Seaview Fire Station in Lower Hutt and find out more about where water for firefighting comes from and how this important source is managed.

2. Taking Action for Better Stormwater - Watch on Vimeo.

Find out what stormwater is and meet students from Glenview Primary School who are working to improve the quality of their local stormwater.

3. A Smart Car Wash - Watch on Vimeo.

Visit a car wash and see how cars should be washed in order to protect our waterways and hear about other ways to look after stormwater.

4. Water for the People : People for the Water - Watch on Vimeo.

See how technology is helping to manage our water network today and into the future. Then look at ways to use our water network more responsibly.

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