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What are LEARNZ field trips?

What is a LEARNZ field trip?

LEARNZ virtual field trips are multi-faceted, assisting New Zealand teachers to provide online experiences for their students that are

  • authentic
  • interesting
  • relevant
  • real
  • flexible
  • safe
  • 21st century

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More reasons to use LEARNZ

  1. Designed for teachers ideally to use synchronously (in real time)
  2. Designed and led by trained, experienced New Zealand teachers
  3. Made up of many components that can be used as is and also assembled to build a flexible teaching programme
  4. Provide for live interaction between remote experts and students
  5. Profile real world people and events in a New Zealand context
  6. Supported by a targeted knowledge base
  7. Self-contained in a safe e-learning environment
  8. Provide opportunities for parents to engage with student learning
  9. Can be used by students at home and school
  10. Strongly integrated with the New Zealand Curriculum

Objectives of LEARNZ Virtual Field Trips

  1. To deliver effective curriculum-based authentic learning.
  2. To use ICT to collaborate and communicate with people beyond their immediate environment and to provide a unique learning model that allows students to overcome barriers of distance and time.
  3. To develop and deliver quality net-safe e-learning resources which meet the needs of all students while focusing on the New Zealand Curriculum.
  4. To help students look beyond themselves and their local area, to enhance students' sense of their own culture and identity and develop more of a world view.
  5. To allow students to become better informed about national and global issues and concerns.
  6. To help students build competency in numeracy and literacy and gain a working knowledge of the nature of science and other subject areas.
  7. To allow students to develop digital and information literacy skills, and enjoy using ICT creatively, constructively and critically.
  8. To develop partnerships among schools, government, communities and businesses.
  9. To provide a usable experience for students of different learning styles.
  10. To support achievement for the diverse cultures of New Zealand students, in particular to reflect te ao Māori.