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Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).

Watch the introductory video:

Introduction to Geohazards from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 9 August

1. What are geohazards - Watch on Vimeo.

Pull off the road just below Porters Pass to talk to Sam Hampton from the University of Canterbury about what geohazards are and why geohazards are common in New Zealand.

2. Geohazards on the West Coast - Watch on Vimeo.

Travel over the Main Divide to a lookout above Otira Viaduct and brave the bitterly cold wind to find out more about the geohazards that are common on the West Coast.

3. Whose Fault - Watch on Vimeo.

Stop beside the Taramakau River and see where the Hope Fault meets the Alpine Fault. Discover more about what causes earthquakes and what can affect how strongly we feel an earthquake.

4. Visiting the Alpine Fault - Watch on Vimeo.

Cross the Alpine Fault at Inchbonnie and find out how scientists can learn more about a fault and the earthquakes that it generates.

Wednesday 10 August

1. Lake Tsunami - Watch on Vimeo.

Take in the spectacular views at Lake Brunner and find out how tsunami can be generated in lakes.

2. Landslides - Watch on Vimeo.

Look back in time to see evidence of an old landslide next to the Alpine Fault and discover how landslides are caused and why New Zealand has so many.

3. A Landslide in the Poerua Valley - Watch on Vimeo.

Walk up the Poerua Valley to see the damage caused by a landslide dam flood.

4. Coastal Tsunami - Watch on Vimeo.

Drive out to Ōkārito Lagoon and find out how scientists know that tsunami have hit this area before and what might trigger a tsunami on the West Coast.

5. Liquefaction - Watch on Vimeo.

Walk along the edge of Ōkārito Lagoon and see if you can make the ground liquefy. Find out where liquefaction is likely to happen during an Alpine Fault earthquake and how this impact can be reduced.

Thursday 11 August

1. Impacts on Franz Josef of an Alpine Fault Earthquake - Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Ali about what might happen in a 'worst-case scenario' full Alpine Fault rupture and how this might affect Franz Josef.

2. Franz Josef Township - Watch on Vimeo.

Ali tells you more of the affects that could be caused by the worst possible Alpine Fault earthquake and how this might affect the rest of the country.

3. Preparing for Geohazards - Watch on Vimeo.

Think about what geohazards exist near where you live and what you can do to better prepare for these.

4. GeoNet monitoring Geohazards - Watch on Vimeo.

Take a look at the GeoNet website to find out how earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami can be monitored and how you can contribute to this monitoring.

5. Field Trip Summary Video - Watch on Vimeo.

Take some time at the end of the field trip to think about everything that you have learned from the field trip and what actions you might now take.