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Memorial Park: not just a roading project

The Memorial Park roading project will improve traffic flow and provide a new National War Memorial Park.

On 7 August 2012, the Government announced that it would:

  • put the traffic that runs between Memorial Park and the National War Memorial underground
  • create a new, unified National Memorial precinct.

The new Memorial Park will play an important part in commemorations of the centenary of the First World War. It will be opened by Anzac Day 2015.

  • Road workers have moved the road in Buckle Street out of the way so they can dig deep into the ground
  • A new road will be built which will go down under the ground in a tunnel.
  • The road workers will put soil on top of the tunnel and will plant grass and trees to make a park
  • Many of the children who walk to the local Mt Cook school will not need to cross the road any more but will cross the park instead
  • A temporary road has been built beside the school for traffic to use until the new tunnel and road are ready.

The new memorial park will;

  • provide space
  • give easy access to the National War Memorial
  • improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists
  • allow safe access for schoolchildren who currently cross Buckle Street to go to school.


An artist’s impression of how Memorial Park will look once finished. Image NZTA.


Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee at a site sod turning ceremony at the Memorial Park Construction site. Image NZTA.


Nine weeks after the announcement that the Memorial Park Project would go ahead, the first ground is broken at the construction site. Image: NZTA.


Buckle Street was diverted to allow traffic to flow past the construction site. You can see the diversion being constructed in this photo. Image NZTA.

Do you think it is important to have a National War Memorial Park? Why?