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Meet Alvin from LEARNZ

Alvin completes skiddoo training down in Antarctica during the 2014 field trip. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Max from Firth School

Max Bear is the ambassador for Firth School. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Slinki Malinki from Alexandra Primary School

Slinki Malinki is the ambassador for Alexandra Primary School. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Wally from Sacred Heart School

Meet Wally the ambassador for Sacred Heart School in Dunedin. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Deano from Westbrook School

Deano is the ambassador for Westbrook School. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Kevin from Otari School

Kevin is the ambassador for Otari School. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Snowflake from Kenakena School

Snowflake is the ambassador for Kenakena School. Image: LEARNZ.

Meet Rodney from Beachlands School

Rodney is the ambassador for Beachlands School. Image: LEARNZ.