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Teachers, did you make your own unit or activity or lesson plan for this field trip? If so please email it to us for sharing.


  • Read a write up from a student at Kenakena School to find out how they used the field trip - PDF (438k)
  • Generic Planning Sequence for a LEARNZ virtual field trip - Word (249k) | PDF (350k).
  • Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) to use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).
  • Do a class audioconference summary. Making a class summary of an audioconference is a great way of reviewing the information your students heard. It's easy to do, purely as some text, or as main facts on a picture background. Feel free to use the audioconference summary sheet - PDF (180k). We'd love to share your ideas so please send your class summary to shelley.hersey@core-ed.org.
  • Remember you can listen to the audioconferences again from the audio recordings if you want to gather more information.

School Units (thanks to teacher Jo Eason from The Cathedral Grammar School)

  • Antarctic Units Contents page - Word (13k)
  • The Antarctic Food Web Level 3 - Word (239k)
  • Exploring the Extreme Environment of Antarctica Level 3 - Word (756k)
  • Gondwanaland and the Geological History of Antarctica Level 3 - Word (516k)
  • The Antarctic Food Web Level 5 - Word (570k)
  • Life in the Extreme Environment of Antarctica Level 5 - Word (1045k)
  • The Geological History of Antarctica Level 5 - Word (901k)
  • References - Word (14k)

More information

Great picture resources

  • Antarctica NZ Digital Asset Manager - A.D.A.M brings together more than 40,000 digitised historical and scientific images on a multimedia platform – one of the largest Antarctic focussed image collections on the planet (and many from previous LEARNZ field trips)!
  • Pixabay has fantastic photos which the photographers have allowed you to reuse in your projects and presentations; just copy the link to the photo and paste it into your bibliography.
  • You can travel around  Antarctica by looking at these stunning photo collections REMEMBER, these photos are protected by copyright, which means you can’t use them without the photographer's permission. 


PDF documents: To view or print out PDF documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader. This is available free from the Adobe website.