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Each day of the field trip, the LEARNZ Team shoot, edit and upload curriculum-rich videos which help students to feel right up close to the action.

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Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) to use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).

Introduction to Antarctica - Watch on Vimeo.

Tuesday 27 October

1. Preparing to travel to Antarctica - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet at Antarctica New Zealand to collect all your clothing and prepare for your trip down to New Zealand's Scott Base in Antarctica. 

2. Travelling to AntarcticaWatch on Vimeo.

Check in at the United States Antarctic Passenger Terminal, board your C17 Globemaster aircraft destined for Antarctica and sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. Antarctic Field Training - Watch on Vimeo.

Now that you have settled in at Scott Base it's time to complete your Antarctic field training so you can learn how to stay safe in this beautiful but hostile environment.

4. Safe Sea Ice TravelWatch on Vimeo.

Join Richard the field trainer on a skidoo ride out on the sea ice and find out how to travel safely on this ice.

Wednesday 28 October

1. Dressing up to travel in AntarcticaWatch on Vimeo.

Layer up and get all your gear ready so you can stay warm and safe on your skidoo ride out to the K131 field camp.

2. Your first visit to K131 field campWatch on Vimeo.

Jump on the skidoo and ride out to the K131 field camp and find out why the scientists have come here.

3. Ice shelves and sea iceWatch on Vimeo.

Before heading inside find out more about the differences between sea ice and ice shelves.

4. SupercoolWatch on Vimeo.

Discover what makes some sea water in Antarctica supercool and how cold supercool sea water is.

Thursday 29 October

1. The K131 sea ice teamWatch on Vimeo.

Take some time to meet up with the members of the K131 science team who are staying at Scott Base and find out what work they are doing with sea ice.

2. Tracking sea ice growthWatch on Vimeo.

A temperature sensor has been set up to measure sea ice growth over winter in McMurdo Sound. Find out how some smart technology is helping to make this job easier.

3. Climb Crater HillWatch on Vimeo.

Hike up Crater Hill to admire the view, locate the K131 field camp and monitoring site and see how data from the temperature sensor is transmitted.

Friday 30 October

1. Looking at the inside of sea iceWatch on Vimeo.

Walk out on the sea ice outside Scott Base and help Greg drill an ice core so you can take it back to the cold lab and analyse it.

2. Journey to recover the sea ice probeWatch on Vimeo.

Skidoo out to the sea ice probe site and help the scientists to recover this equipment before the sea ice starts breaking up.

3. Measuring winter sea iceWatch on Vimeo.

Join Inga out on the sea ice to check the sea ice temperature probe data logger and melt the ice around the probe.

4. Measuring the undersea worldWatch on Vimeo.

Find out what a CTD is and watch it being deployed through a hole in the sea ice that the scientists drilled so they could measure the ocean in the same way as they have out at the field camp.

Monday 2 November

1. Supercoolometer - Watch on Vimeo.

Skidoo out to the field camp and meet Brett Grant who is an oceanography technician. Discover what a supercool-ometer is and why it needs to be so accurate.

2. Ocean currentsWatch on Vimeo.

Talk to Craig Stevens about ocean currents and the types of currents which affect Antarctica.

3. Mixing of ocean water eddies and turbulenceWatch on Vimeo.

You have been talking with Craig about ocean currents, now it's time to think about how platelet ice can affect the turbulence and mixing of the sea water underneath the sea ice and why this is important.

4. Sea ice field campWatch on Vimeo.

While you are staying out at the field camp think about how the camp has been set up and how your impact on the environment can be reduced.

5. Science and artWatch on Vimeo.

Meet Gabby O'Connor who is an artist working with the science group and find out more about what she wants to achieve during her time here in Antarctica.

Tuesday 3 November

1. Recording platelet iceWatch on Vimeo.

Take a look at the work that Gabby has been doing on platelet ice and see the stunning images she has created.

2. Recording science camp activityWatch on Vimeo.

See how Gabby has documented through photography and film the setting up of the field camp and daily science activities.

3. Melting ice: what does it mean? - Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Craig about the impacts of melting ice shelves and the affect on sea level.

4. Climate ChangeWatch on Vimeo.

You have learnt about ice shelves melting and causing more sea ice to grow in winter in parts of Antarctica, now it's time to think about how this will change in the future with climate change and how we can reduce these changes.

5. Field trip summary Watch on Vimeo.

Take some time at the end of the field trip to reflect on all that you have learned during your time in Antarctica.