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Ambassador Alfred

Hi there,

My name is Alfred and I'm from the stunning seaside Coromandel town, Whitianga. I go to Mercury Bay Area School. I love adventure and I'm looking forward to heading wherever Hei2's learning journey takes me. This term I am especially lucky to be heading to Antarctica. I can't wait to see what it's like down there and hope I will meet some penguins.

Talk soon,


Tuesday 8 November

Kia ora,my field training and now I am ready to start exploring Antarctica.

Wish me luck,

I was so excited about flying down to Antarctica that I hardly slept the night before. It was really cool flying in the C17 aircraft, the plane was massive. I was so surprised to see a helicopter inside the plane. I guess it is the best way for a chopper to go to the ice as it couldn’t fly that far.

It was incredible to look out over the sea ice as we approached Antarctica, I never realised how much sea is covered in ice. Thankfully I passed 


Wednesday 9 November

Kia ora,

Today we went to look at Hillary’s old hut which is located out in front of Scott Base. This hut was built during the Trans-Antarctic Expedition when Sir Edmund Hillary and his team drove tractors to the South Pole. I wish I could go to the South Pole, even though I know it would be even colder than here.

The Antarctic Heritage Trust is restoring Hillary’s Hut so that it can be like a museum and preserve New Zealand’s history in Antarctica. The Trust needs lots of equipment to fix the hut and I helped out in the carpentry workshop. Iam looking forward to seeing an even older hut tomorrow.

See you then,


Thursday 10 November

Kia ora,

It was really windy this morning but luckily it didn’t last for long. The wind here in Antarctica makes it feel much colder and seems to suck the heat out of everything.

We went over the hill to McMurdo Station to see Discovery Hut. I was surprised by how big this American Base is, it can hold 1000 people while Scott Base has room for only 85 people.

Discovery Hut was really cool. I didn't expect to see seal blubber in the hut. It made the hut stink. The blubber was used for fuel and I am sure if you are hungry enough seal meat wouldn’t taste too bad.

Tomorrow we are off on an adventure to Cape Evans. 

See you then,


Friday 11 November

Kia ora,

It felt a lot colder today even though it was sunny. There was a strong, cold wind blowing and it was hard to keep warm. Luckily we could travel out to Cape Evans in a cosy warm Hagglund.

It was amazing travelling across the sea ice. The sea ice is about two metres thick and makes for a great way to travel around. It was a little spooky walking into Scott’s Terra Nova Hut knowing that Scott and four others died on their return trip from the Pole.

I was surprised at how much science equipment there was in Scott’s hut. Scott’s expedition was the biggest scientific mission of the time.

Tomorrow we are back in the Hagglunds to travel out to Cape Royds.

See you then,


Monday 14 November

Kia ora,

The weather has been very settled during our time in Antarctica and we have been able to go out and about each day.

Today we headed out to Cape Royds on the Hagglunds. It took about two and a half hours to reach it. We passed a huge wall of ice which was actually the edge of the Barne Glacier that flows off Mount Erebus.

It was fantastic looking around Shackleton’s hut which was built back in 1907. During this expedition Mount Erebus was climbed for the first time and a route on to the Polar Plateau was found. There was also heaps of science that was done.

Tomorrow we are off to see a modern day science camp out on the sea ice.

Talk soon,


Tuesday 15 November

Kia ora,

I can’t believe this is our last day in Antarctica. Our time here has flown by but we have managed to pack in a lot.

Today was a real highlight because we flew out to a science camp in a helicopter where they are studying sea ice. I expected to see tents but these guys have flash containers instead and even have a generator for power.

It was interesting to see how they drill a big hole in the sea ice so they can study the water beneath.

Well, I have to go and pack now so I will say good-bye. I am looking forward to seeing my classmates.



Alfred can't wait to head to Antarctica. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred enjoys his ride on the C17 aircraft down to Antarctica. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred completes his Antarctic Field Training outside Scott Base. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred checks out some of the equipment in the Antarctic Heritage Trust's carpentry workshop at Scott Base. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred takes a look inside Scott's Discovery Hut. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred outside Scott's Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred looks around Shackleton's historic hut out at Cape Royds. Image: LEARNZ.

Alfred checks out some of the equipment that the scientists use to measure turbulence in the sea below the sea ice. Image: LEARNZ