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Videos: Celebrating Antarctic expeditions

Introduction to Antarctica from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Antarctica Field Trip

Tuesday 15 November

1. Your Journey to a Sea Ice Camp or Watch on Vimeo.

Enjoy a helicopter ride 60 kilometres across McMurdo Sound to see how scientists work out in the field and find out why they are interested in how sea ice forms.

2. Some Things Never Change or Watch on Vimeo.

Some of the science equipment that was used during Scott's expedition is still being used today. Discover how scientists use similar techniques to sample sea water.

3. New Tools for Learning About the Ocean or Watch on Vimeo.

Take a closer look at some of the weird and wonderful instruments that scientists use to take measurements of sea water.

4. Science and Art, Art and Science or Watch on Vimeo.

Come inside Gabby's mobile Antarctic studio and see how her work as an artist is helping the scientists.

5. Antarctica and Climate Change or Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Natalie about the importance of Antarctica to the rest of the world and what changes we can expect in Antarctica as the climate changes.

6. Field Trip Summary or Watch on Vimeo.

Take some time at the end of the field trip to reflect on what you have learned throughout your time in Antarctica.

Monday 14 November

1. Your Journey to Cape Royds or Watch on Vimeo.

Enjoy another ride north across the sea ice in a Hagglund to Cape Royds and be sure to follow the flagged route to avoid cracks in the sea ice. Then walk over the hill to Shackleton's Hut to find out more about the Nimrod Expedition.

2. Exploring Shackleton's Hut or Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Lizzie from the Antarctic Heritage Trust about Shackleton's hut and the life of the explorers and scientists during their two year stay at Cape Royds.

3. Science on the Nimrod Expedition or Watch on Vimeo.

The Nimrod Expedition achieved a number of firsts and continued scientific work begun during Scott's Discovery Expedition. Learn more about what Shackleton and his team acheived.

Friday 11 November

1. Your Journey to Cape Evans or Watch on Vimeo.

Jump aboard a Hagglund and head out across the sea ice to Cape Evans to see Scott's Terra Nova Hut.

2. Exploring Scott's Terra Nova Hut or Watch on Vimeo.

Take a look inside Scott's historic hut, imagine living on the ice for more than two years and discover more about Scott's second expedition to Antarctica.

3. Expedition Science or Watch on Vimeo.

Back in 1910 Scott's Terra Nova Expedition was the largest scientific mission ever attempted. Find out more about the science that was done during this expedition.

4. Blizzometer or Watch on Vimeo.

Weather was important during Scott's expedition and many weather recordings were completed. Find out how these recordings were made and how much effort was devoted to science.

Thursday 10 November

1. Discovery Hut at Hut Point or Watch on Vimeo.

Drive over the hill from Scott Base, past McMurdo Station to see the oldest hut in the Ross Sea Area. Find out why Scott and his team built this hut and why it wasn't used much.

2. Exploring Discovery Hut or Watch on Vimeo.

Brush the snow off your boots and head inside Discovery Hut to see how it was used and how it has been preserved.

3. Looking After Old Stuff - Conserving Artefacts or Watch on Vimeo.

Head back to Scott Base and meet up with Sue from the Antarctic Heritage Trust to find out how she conserves historic items from the old Antarctic huts.

Wednesday 9 November

1. The Antarctic Heritage Team - or Watch on Vimeo.

Take a walk outside Scott Base to meet members of the Antarctic Heritage Trust. Discover what work these people do and how they are restoring historic huts in the Ross Sea area.

2. The Trans-Antarctic Expedition Hut - or Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Lizzie from the Antarctic Heritage Trust about the significance of the TAE hut and why it is being restored.

3. Preserving the TAE Hut - or Watch on Vimeo.

The TAE Hut was built in 1957 and is in need of repair. Find out how this hut will be restored to withstand the hostile Antarctic environment.

4. Looking After Huts and the Environment - or Watch on Vimeo.

Working on repairing and restoring heritage huts in Antarctica is challenging and extra care needs to be taken to make sure that the surrounding environment does not suffer. Discover how the Trust is managing this process with the TAE hut.

Tuesday 8 November

1. Your Journey to Antarctica - or Watch on Vimeo.

Board your C17 aircraft in Christchurch and complete the five hour flight down to Antarctica to begin your virtual field trip.

2. Dressing for the Cold - or Watch on Vimeo.

Take some time to think about what you need to wear to be comfortable and safe in Antarctica.

3. Antarctic Field Training - or Watch on Vimeo.

Complete your Antarctic Field Training to find out everything you need to know to survive in the harsh environment of Antarctica, then head out on to the sea ice outside Scott Base.

Expedition South

Also follow the blog posts of the tractor journey.

6. Aoraki School talks about Expedition South

5. Expedition South arrives in Aoraki

4. Sophie Lafleur, pupil at View Hill School talks about Expedition South

3. Expedition South visits View Hill School

2. Expedition South: inspiring learning at Tuakau School

1. Expedition South visits Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate


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