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Videos: Antarctica - ice shelf drilling

Watch the introductory video for this field trip

Introduction to Antarctica 2017 from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Thursday 23 November

1. Getting kitted out for Antarctica 

Meet Amanda the logistics coordinator at Antarctica New Zealand and get your ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) clothing ready for your trip to the ice.

2. So you want to go to Antarctica

Talk with Amanda about how people prepare for a trip to the ice and find out what your responsibilities are when you are in Antarctica.

Friday 24 November

1. Why we are still in Christchurch?

Find out about the three possible ways of flying to Antarctica from Christchurch. Fingers crossed for Friday's delayed flight going on Monday.

Monday 27 November

At last - get your packed lunch and board your delayed flight from Christchurch to Antarctica, which takes over 7 hours on the Hercules. You arrive to find it's a beautiful day and the extremely dry conditions make the scenery look amazing on film. Everyone takes photographs in Antarctica that look really good!

Tuesday 28 November

1. A Tour of Scott Base

Start your day with a tour of Scott Base, New Zealand's permanent research base on Ross Island in Antarctica.

2. Antarctica Field Training

Before you can go out and explore the great white wilderness of Antarctica you must complete your Antarctic Field Training so you know how to survive the intense cold and stay safe in this harsh environment.

3. Ice Shelf Drilling

Meet Christina Hulbe a Professor of Surveying at the University of Otago and find out about the ambitious Ross Ice Shelf Project which she is leading. Discover why this ice shelf is important and how scientists will be studying it to see how it is responding to climate change.

Wednesday 29 November

1. Travelling out to the Ross Ice Shelf Camp

Talk to Christian who is working on the Ross Ice Shelf Programme and find out how they transported all their gear to a remote camp. Find out some of the challenges of camping 350 kilometres away from Scott Base.

2. Behind the Scenes at Scott Base

Take a guided tour of Scott Base with Jason an engineer. Discover how the base supplies water and power and see how waste is managed.

3. Your turn to be a scientist

Walk out on to the sea ice outside Scott Base to meet some local Weddell seals. Find out how you can take part in a citizen science project to help scientists understand how these seals may be affected by people fishing and climate change.

Thursday 30 November

1. Antarctic Science

Talk with Fiona from Antarctica New Zealand about this season on the ice, why it has been challenging and what science is being done.

2. Put your Antarctic Field Training to the Test

Get all your gear together to head out for a hike up Observation Hill. Enjoy the spectacular views and find out about the history of Scott's polar expedition.

3. What's this Thing Called Climate Change?

Sit on the beach at Ross Island and think about the future. Discover the difference between weather and climate and find out what climate change is. Then look at ways we can all help to reduce climate change.