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Antarctica 2017

Antarctica - cool science in action

Welcome to Antarctica - cool science in action. This field trip is supported by the Ministry of Education and Antarctica New Zealand. The field trip is from 23-30 November 2017. Enrol now.

Journey to Antarctica


Antarctica captures people's imaginations and is the perfect place for scientists to study climate change. On this exciting expedition you will join science teams to investigate the effect of Antarctic sea ice and glacial ice on the world's climate.

You will join scientists trying to understand why Antarctic sea ice seems to be growing while Artic sea ice is shrinking.

Also on this trip, you will travel, eat, sleep, work, play, and keep safe in Antarctica - just like the scientists you will meet.

Meet Shelley the LEARNZ field trip teacher

Meet Shelley

Watch the introductory video on Vimeo


You will take the 7 hour flight from Christchurch to Antarctica aboard a Hercules aircraft. After 2 days of Antarctic Field Skills Training you will be experienced and ready to join the research team at Cape Evans in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. This field trip is not for the faint hearted as temperatures in Antarctica in November can be as low as -30°C, so make sure you're prepared for a trip of a lifetime!

Field Trip Plan - November 2017

Thursday 23 November

Bad weather at Scott Base has delayed your departure. Use your extra day in Christchurch to prepare for your trip to the ice. Read the diary. Watch the videos as you get your ECW 'Extreme Cold Weather' clothing packed and complete your safety induction in preparation for your flight south tomorrow. Listen to the recorded web conference and read the ambassador updates.

Friday 24 November

Your flight remains grounded with more bad weather. The next scheduled flight is on Monday. In the meantime read the diary and hope for good weather next week!

Monday 27 November

Sit back and enjoy the flight down to Antarctica on board a Hercules aircraft. Read the diary about the journey and watch the video. Make yourself at home at Scott Base, read the ambassador updates and listen to a recording of the web conference.

Tuesday 28 November

Read the diary about your Antarctic Field Training and talk to a scientist about the epic Ross Ice Shelf Project. Watch the videos and take a tour of the base. Listen to the recorded web conference and read the ambassador updates.

Wednesday 29 November

Read the diary to see how Scott Base operates and supports scientists so they can complete their research. Watch the videos about how Scott Base supplies drinking water and power and manages waste. Complete the Weddell Seal Count. Read the ambassador updates and listen to the recorded web conference.

Thursday 30 November

Read the diary about a hike up Observation Hill. Watch the videos to look to the future and how changes in the climate could affect Antarctica and Aotearoa. Read the ambassador updates and listen to the web conference recording.

What's New

Monday 11 December Newsletter 5 to be sent to all enrolled classes.

Tuesday 31 October

The Antarctica background pages and their easy-reading versions and selected student activities are now online.

Tuesday 31 October The Antarctica field trip website is now online.

The LEARNZ Team think that joining the NZASE and staying connected through the NZ Science Teacher will help you become a better teacher of science.

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