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ShakeOut is a world-wide event and New Zealand ShakeOut is part of it. It's all about being prepared for earthquakes which is particularly important for people in countries like New Zealand where earthquakes are frequent and the risk is high.


You will go to Waitākiri School in Christchurch, where students will be getting ready and taking part in ShakeOut.

Field Trip Plan - October 2015

Monday 12 October

Travel Day

  • Join Andrew and the ambassadors as they travel from Kerikeri to Christchurch to begin the ShakeOut field trip.
  • Read the diary about Andrew's journey from Kerikeri to Christchurch.
  • Read Egbert's update to find out more about his travels.

Tuesday 13 October

Day 1 - Lessons from the Canterbury Earthquakes

Wednesday 14 October

Day 2 - Getting prepared

Thursday 15 October

Day 3 - ShakeOut!

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