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These activities test domain knowledge from the Background pages and assist students to develop higher levels of inquiry.

Interactive Activities

1. What are Geohazards?
Interactive activity.

2. What Causes Geohazards?
Interactive activity.

3. Earthquakes in New Zealand
Interactive activity

4. The Canterbury Earthquakes

5. Effects of the Canterbury Earthquakes

6. Civil Defence and Emergency Management
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7. Emergency Plans
Interactive activity.

8. ShakeOut!

Other activities

Curriculum Area Strand Background pages Learning outcome Activity

Social Studies Level 3-5

Place and Environment
  • Earthquakes in New Zealand
  • The Canterbury Earthquakes
  • Canterbury Earthquake Effects
  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management
  • Emergency Plans
  • Inform people how to protect themselves and their property from disaster
  • Show how a disaster should be managed
  • Present information effectively
  • Summarise and categorise earthquake impacts
  1. Civil Defence poster  - Word (245k) | PDF (190k)
  2. Canned Disaster - Word (2.03Mb) | PDF (157k)
  3. Canterbury Earthquakes Impacts - Word (115k) | PDF (182k)
    1. How Safe is My House - Word (60k) | PDF (92k)

English Level 3-5


Online activities