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Āpure Moana - Marine Reserves

Aotearoa/New Zealand is an island nation with 15,000 kilometres of coastline. Most of us enjoy sea-based activities, such as surfing, snorkelling, gathering kaimoana, and so on. Many of us can’t get to the coastline during this time at home, but we can still be thinking of how to care for our much-loved marine environments.


In 2019 we visited Kāpiti Marine Reserve, 30 kilometres north of Wellington. Join us by watching the video below, as we venture beneath the waves and explore some of Kāpiti’s underwater world.

Ponder this

Consider the following questions. You could talk about your ideas with your favourite people at home or online.

  1. Can you remember the safety signals Ben taught us?
  2. What marine species can you identify from the video?
  3. How are marine reserves helpful for the environment? How are they helpful for humans?
  4. What does this video make you wonder about the marine environment near your place?


Download and do

The New Zealand Marine Studies Centre has a range of downloadable marine themed children’s activities.

You could also have a go at these wickED sea based activities.

Model and make

This bottle fish activity from the Marine Stewardship Council will help you to repurpose some plastic and other materials.

Ask an adult to post a picture of your marine handiwork on Instagram. Use the hashtags #learnztrips, #seacreations, or email a photo to LEARNZtrips. Tell us about your discoveries and creations. 

We’ll share some of your images on our Instagram space @learnztrips.

Want to know more?

Uncover more about marine reserves and their benefits and find out what issues our marine environments face. Explore marine citizen science and consider the future health of our marine ecosystems.