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Where would a kiwi make its home?

Our iconic bird the kiwi has evolved to live in New Zealand’s unique and isolated environment. Being flightless, kiwi are vulnerable to predators. They need to be adaptable when it comes to where they choose to live. Some of the places they make their home (habitat) include native bush, pine forest, even sand dunes and wetlands. 

There are lots of people in Aotearoa, working together to create and protect kiwi habitat. Predator free sanctuaries provide safe spaces for kiwi to live in. A programme called Operation Nest Egg helps by breeding kiwi chicks and then releasing them into predator free sites.


In the video below, the 'Bugman' Ruud Kleinpaste describes what makes an ideal habitat for kiwi.

Ponder this

Consider the following questions. You could talk about your ideas with your favourite people at home or online.

  1. What are the three things that kiwi need to have a safe home (habitat)? How different or similar is this to the needs of any pet/s living in your home? 
  2. There are kiwi sanctuaries all over New Zealand. Can you find them? Are there any around you? 
  3. Ruud uses the word ‘biodiversity’ during the video. Explain in your own words what biodiversity means. What biodiversity can you find in your garden? 
  4. Could a kiwi make its home in your backyard? Why/why not?


Find a kiwi sanctuary

Use Google Maps to locate New Zealand’s kiwi sanctuaries. Are there areas near your place that you think might also be a suitable kiwi habitat? Think about the three things that kiwi need to stay safe and healthy. 

Make a kiwi Easter egg

Yay, it’s nearly Easter! What materials in your house could you use to make a kiwi egg? Can you find the average size and weight of a real kiwi egg and make yours like the real thing? 

Or, print out the following picture of an egg and decorate it for Easter with a kiwi (bird) theme - Kiwi egg (A4 printable jpeg) | Kiwi egg  (A4 printable PDF).

Ask a parent to post a picture of your egg on Instagram using the hashtags #learnztrips, #mykiwieasteregg. You can also email your ideas and images to us at LEARNZtrips. Tell us about your creations if you want to.

We’ll share creative eggs on our Instagram space @learnztrips.

Want to know more?

Travel to Tongaririo Forest in central North Island and find out how people are working together to look after our kiwi. Follow the Operation Nest Egg process from lifted egg to free adult. 

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