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Our Apples - tastiest in the World

Did you know that New Zealand is one of the best apple growing countries in the world? It's a really good New Zealand story combining science in selective breeding to create new varieties, innovation in the way apples are grown, technology for grading and testing, plus unique biosecurity considerations around pests and diseases.

New Zealand apples.

Watch the video to see apples journey through a state-of-the-art Hawke's Bay packhouse. See how technology helps wash, grade and package apples ready for export.

Ponder this 

Consider the following questions. You could talk about your ideas with your favourite people at home or online.

  1. What happens to apples in the packhouse after they are washed?
  2. Why is it important to make sure each apple meets certain standards?
  3. You can see Envy apples being packaged. Have you ever tried this apple variety? Can you find out more about the Envy apple variety?
  4. Why do you think Envy apples are not found in many supermarkets in New Zealand?


Design a package for apples. The package needs to look good, keep the fruit fresh and give information about the product. Test your package with your favourite apple variety.

Try cooking or baking with apples and share your creation with whānau.

Share your package design or a photo of your apple cuisine. Ask an adult to post a picture on Instagram. Use the hashtags #learnztrips, #nzapples, or email a photo to LEARNZtrips. Tell us about your discoveries if you want to. 

We’ll share some of your images on our Instagram space @learnztrips.

Want to know more?

See how scientists selectively breed apples and follow the production process from tree to export. Investigate the role of research and technology in helping apple growers address challenges such as managing pests and diseases and climate change.