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Activities for Waterview Connection

These activities test domain knowledge from the background pages and assist students to develop higher levels of inquiry.


The following interactives play in any web browser supporting Flash or HTML-5 while iPad users are prompted to download and install the free Articulate Mobile Player from the iTunes App Store.

  1. New Zealand roads
    Activity NZ Roads
  2. The Waterview Connection project
    Activity The Waterview Connection project
  3. Why build the Waterview Connection?
    Interactive Why build the Waterview Conenction
  4. More than just a road
    Interactive More than just a road
  5. Building the tunnels
    Interactive Building the tunnels
  6. Waterview Connection construction
    Activity Waterview Connection construction
  7. Urban design
    Interactive Urban design
  8. Managing impacts
    Interactive Managing impacts
  9. Waterview shared path
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  10. Cycleways for the future
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  11. Cycle safety tips
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These activities relate to the Waterview Connection Project and background pages. As well as a PDF, a Word document has been provided for each one so they can be adapted to suit individual students.

  1. Debating the Issues - Word (30k) | PDF (199k)
  2. Field Trip Number Challenge - Word (31k) | PDF (130k)
  3. Curating a LEARNZ field trip (secondary school activity) - Word (24k) | PDF (351k) 

Post field trip activity

  • How much have I learnt? - Word (28k) | PDF (246k)