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Ambassador Rosebud

Kia Ora,

I'm Rosebud from St Therese School in Auckland. I can't wait to go on the Waterview Connection field trip. It's going to be so cool to look behind the scenes and see what is happening in our very own city.

Imagine how good it's going to be when this motorway is finished - it will make travel across the city much easier. I'm looking forward to going underground to see Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine.

See you soon,


Monday 25 August

Kia ora,

Yesterday was a perfect day for flying and we enjoyed some fantastic views as we flew north from Dunedin to Auckland. I was glad I didn’t have to go by car – it would take ages! At least we have the option of driving though; we really are quite spoilt with how good our roads are. These roads are being maintained and improved all the time. 

It’s going to be exciting to see behind the scenes of New Zealand’s biggest ever road project, especially when it is so close to home.

Tomorrow we will get to put our safety training to the test as we explore the site.

See you then,


Tuesday 26 August

Tēnā koutou,

It was a stunning day in Auckland today and it made me proud to be an Aucklander. We started the day down at the waterfront where we had a great view of the Harbour Bridge. I bet when they first built the bridge they didn’t expect that it would have to have clip-ons to enlarge it. Even back then though people knew that Auckland needed another way of travelling through the city.

It is so cool to find out more about such an important project and I can’t wait to get out on site tomorrow and see some of the big machinery being used to finish the Western Ring Route.

Catch you tomorrow,


Wednesday 27 August

Hi there,

We explored the Waterview Connection construction site today and it was amazing to see just how much has been built already.

I had no idea that there was so much involved. There are over 800 workers involved in the project and people from 30 different countries have joined the Well-Connected Alliance. We met Glen Kirk a construction manager and he bragged about how much fun he has had working here. He especially enjoys working with big machinery and getting to blow things up – well blast rock out to form the tunnel approach trench.

Tomorrow we meet Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine – I can’t wait!

See you then,


Thursday 28 August

Kia ora,

I was so excited about going to see Alice that I hardly slept last night. We had to get all our safety gear on and even had to wear a re-breather – which is a bit like an oxygen mask. This unit will save us if there are problems with ventilation in the tunnel.

Because Alice has been working so hard we didn’t walk into meet her, we drove nearly two kilometres in to where she is working. It was an incredible feeling looking up to the roof of the tunnel, I felt like a little ant! Alice works 24 hours a day and it was a privilege to see her working.

I was very proud of you guys today in the audioconference, you asked such great questions. I can’t wait to get home and share my adventures with you all.





Meet Rosebud the ambassador from St Therese School.

Ambassador Rosebud checks the traffic in Auckland City.

Rosebud checks out the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Rosebud looks out over the Southern Approach Trench for the Waterview Connection.

Rosebud watches Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine at work.