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Cycleways for the Future

Waterview Shared Path
Safety Tips

Cycleways and shared paths are important for helping people get to where they want to go. These paths are also good for the environment and people’s health.

More people are cycling than ever before and a growing number of people are using cycling as their main form of transport.

Cycleways in Auckland will make it easier for everyone to move around by:

  • giving people more options such as walking and cycling
  • reducing the number of cars on the road
  • reducing traffic which reduces travel times

Auckland Transport, Auckland Council and the NZ Transport Agency are working together to create a future where anyone can feel comfortable riding a bike. 

It will start with building a network of safe, easy to use cycle routes.

More people are choosing to cycle to:

  • work
  • school
  • local shops.

To make room for a growing number of cyclists and to encourage more people to cycle, the next three years will see a focus on creating new sections of the Auckland Cycle Network and improving existing services.

The Urban Cycleways Programme

The Urban Cycleways Programme has been set up to create new cycleways. $100 million dollars will be spent between 2015 and 2018 on 41 projects throughout the country.

The Urban Cycleways Fund will; 

  • speed up the building of new cycleways
  • create safer facilities in the city centre
  • create more links between cycleways
  • make links with public transport for cyclists
  • provide more money for new cycleways and cycling facilities
  • include cycleways alongside large road projects, such as Waterview.

Along with education and special events the urban cycleways programme will encourage more people to cycle more often, to more places, more safely.

Why build cycleways and shared paths?

If more people cycle it will reduce the number of cars on the road and therefore reduce traffic and travel times.

During this field trip, you will see how Auckland Transport (AT) is making easy to use, safe and attractive transport routes for walkers, cyclists and drivers. This will encourage more people to cycle or walk to the shops, school or the train station, or just for fun and exercise.

Better facilities also help reduce our use of cars by making it easier to use public transport, walk, run or cycle.

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Audio Māori keywords: 

Do you have any cycleways in your area? Where do you think new cycleways should be built in your area?

An artist's impression of part of the new Waterview Shared Path. How do you think this pathway will benefit Auckland? Image: AT.

More people are choosing to cycle than ever before and creating better, safer cycleways should increase cyclist numbers even more. Image: AT.

When building new cycleways it is important to design them well and ensure there are good connections between areas. Bridges can help connect areas. Image: AT.

Cycleways and shared paths need to be designed for safety, ease of use and to create an attractive area that people want to use. Image: AT.

Waterview Shared Path
Safety Tips