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Waterview Shared Path

Waterview Connection 2016 Update
Cycleways for the Future

A shared path is being built as part of the Waterview Connection Project. This path will be for cycling and walking and will connect Waterview and Mount Albert.

Auckland Transport (AT) is designing a cycling and walking path that will connect Waterview and Mt Albert. The shared path is being built by the Well-Connected Alliance as part of the NZ Transport Agency's Waterview Connection Project.

Project overview

Waterview Shared Path is around 2.5km long. From Alan Wood reserve off New North Road, it follows the route of Oakley Creek to connect with Great North Road. It will have different access points along the way. Three new bridges will be built along the route.

The path will add to Auckland’s growing cycling and walking network, connecting with other cycleways.

The shared path was started in March 2016 and will be finished later in 2017. 

Project details

  • The path will be around 3.5 metres wide and made of concrete.
  • It will be easy to use with no steep slopes.
  • It will be well lit.
  • It will go around the edge of parks
  • Traffic lights at nearby intersections will give cyclists and pedestrians a safe place to cross the road

New bridges

Three bridges will be built along the route. The two bridges at the Waterview and Mt Albert ends of the route cross Oakley Creek and the western rail line to connect communities to the path.

Planning and construction 

The Waterview Shared Path will provide local connections for communities. Auckland Transport (AT) has talked to local residents to get ideas for the location and design of the path.

The Well-Connected Alliance who have built the Waterview Connection tunnel and Great North Road Interchange are also building this shared path.

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What features would you include in a new shared path if you were able to design it?

This map shows where the Waterview Shared Path will go. Image: Auckland Transport.

Construction of the Alford Street Bridge which is part of the Waterview Shared Path. Image: NZTA.

The Soljak Place Bridge will cross over the western railway line and is one of three large bridges on the Waterview Shared Path. Image: NZTA.

Construction of the Waterview Shared Path began in March 2016 and should be completed by mid-2017. Image: NZTA.

Waterview Connection 2016 Update
Cycleways for the Future