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More Than Just A Road

Why Build the Waterview Connection
Building The Waterview Connection Tunnels

The NZTA aims to not just build a road but leave behind better places and spaces for people and communities.

The importance of roads

A country with a good network of roads supports people and business by improving the way people can travel between places and move goods and services.

Road projects in New Zealand also need to take into account how they affect people living in the area and the environment.

Other benefits

The Waterview Connection Project will not just finish the Western Ring Route, it will also;

  • improve and add footpaths and bike paths in the area 
  • add new playgrounds and sports fields
  • add skateparks and courts for basketball and volleyball in both Waterview and Ōwairaka
  • provide landscaping and planting to leave better places for nature as well as people
  • protect the Oakley Creek, historic sites and local plants and animals.

Half of the Waterview Connection will be underground, saving the roads, parks, rivers, houses and businesses that are along and above the tunnel. 

Who has helped with the project

Building the Waterview Connection has only been possible with support and advice from local people and groups, as well as experts. These experts include;

  • designers
  • engineers
  • architects
  • construction crews 

The designers work out the best way to design the motorway and area around it so it looks natural.

They have also worked closely with local groups in planning parks and facilities where there used to be building yards.

Who has been consulted?

Before agreeing on designs the Well-Connected Alliance talked to local groups to see what they wanted. These groups included:

  • Waterview School staff and students 
  • Heritage groups
  • Auckland Council
  • Friends of Oakley Creek

The aim has been to make the spaces outside the motorway suitable for lots of different uses. 

Ready for a quiz?


Audio Māori keywords: 

Imagine you are a student from Waterview School; what kind of playground would you like to see built in this area?  Design your own playground.

The Waterview Connection Project includes not just a new road link but also new parks and facilities. Image: NZTA.

New cycleways and footpaths will be built as part of the Waterview Connection Project. This is what the Hendon Footbridge will look like. Image: NZTA.

The Waterview Connection Project had to take into account how it affected people and businesses in the area. Image: NZTA.

By building tunnels underneath Avondale and Waterview the impact on the local people and environment was reduced. Image: NZTA.

Why Build the Waterview Connection
Building The Waterview Connection Tunnels