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Why Build the Waterview Connection

The Waterview Connection Project
More Than Just A Road

The Waterview Connection Project is important to New Zealand’s economy because it will make travel around Auckland city easier and quicker and provide a direct link between the city and the airport.

A well-travelled path

Māori used to travel from Manukau to the Waitemata Harbour through wetlands. These wetlands were made into a channel by European settlers; this channel is now known as Oakley Creek. The Waterview Connection motorway will also follow this well-travelled route from Ōwairaka to Waterview.

The Western Ring Route

The Waterview Connection is the final section of the Western Ring Route to be built. Once this route is finished it will form 47km of motorway – making it the longest motorway in New Zealand. It will provide a bypass around the centre of Auckland for a lot of traffic that travels across the city each day.

The benefits

  • Offer another way of travelling around the centre of Auckland

  • Make travel times shorter
  • Support economic growth as goods and services will be easier and quicker to move across the city
  • End Auckland's dependence on State Highway 1 and the Harbour Bridge
  • Reduce traffic delays around Auckland
  • Link the centre of Auckland to the airport
  • Reduce traffic congestion and air pollution



Finishing the Western Ring Route is part of the Government's 'Roads of ‘National Significance’ package. It is one of seven road projects that will benefit all of New Zealand. These major roads will help move goods and services throughout the country.

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Check out the NZTA website to find out more about Roads of National Significance.

This artwork on the Waterview Tunnel entrance is a symbol of Te Haerenga Hou, the journey between Ōwairaka and Waterview. Image: NZTA.

Building the Waterview Connection will complete the Western Ring Route in Auckland. Image: Google Maps.

The Waterview Connection will provide a direct link between the centre of Auckland and the Auckland International Airport. Image: NZTA.

Over half of the Waterview Connection will be underground providing added road space without disturbing the area above the tunnels. Image: NZTA.

The Waterview Connection Project
More Than Just A Road