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New Zealand is prone to storms as it lies in an area where mild-temperature air from the north meets cooler air from the south.

What happens in a storm?

A storm can cause strong winds, rain, thunder, lightning, heavy snow and rough seas. Coastal areas can suffer from extra-high tides caused by the high winds pushing the sea forward.

Hazards from storms include:

  • falling trees and poles
  • torn-off roofs
  • fast-flowing currents in streams and rivers
  • flying objects
  • landslips
  • flooding. 

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Find out how storms have affected your community in the past.

A property in Coromandel after a storm in 2002. Image: Civil Defence.

Heavy seas at Haumoana in 2006. Image: Civil Defence.

Pleasant Point after the June 2006 snowstorm. Image: Civil Defence.