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Videos: Auckland natural hazards - get ready

Tuesday 11 October

1. Being Prepared - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Hamish Keith gives you some ideas of what being prepared might look like for you and your whānau at home. Do you have a plan? Are you prepared?

2. The Role of Civil Defence - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Hamish Keith provides an overview of what Civil Defence actually is and does. I wonder if it is what you first thought.

3. An Emergency Coordination Centre - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Have a look inside the Emergency Coordination Centre in Henderson. Find out about the different areas they have inside and what they are used for during an emergency.

4. Looking at the Hazards - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Go 51 floors up to Sky Tower’s viewing level. Here, Hamish Keith gives you an overview of the hazardous threats facing Auckland and why New Zealand’s biggest city is vulnerable to an emergency.

Wednesday 12 October

1. The Threat of Tsunami - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Head north to Orewa, Auckland’s largest area at risk from tsunami, and listen as Hamish Keith – along with Stan the dog - reinforces the key messages about being prepared and keeping safe.

2. Volcanic Hazards - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Over on the North Shore there are signs of coastal erosion easily visible to the public. Near Takapuna Beach, Hamish Keith points out one of these areas of erosion and the potential hazards that can be caused from this natural process.

3. Landslides and Coastal Erosion - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Down the road at Devonport, there are some volcanic landmarks with interesting stories and great summit – a good place to discuss Auckland’s vulnerability of volcanic eruptions.

4. Earthquake Hazards - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Auckland is not overly prone to earthquakes, but a field trip about emergencies wouldn’t be complete without reminding you all of the correct action to take should you have the misfortune of experiencing one. Stan the dog will show you what to do!

5. Extreme Weather Events - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Storms and other serious weather events can happen anywhere in the country. This video is a good reminder of the hazards they can cause and the right action to take before and during one.

Thursday 13 October

1. Responding to a Pandemic - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Do you know the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic? Join Hamish Keith, Stan and Andrew outside Auckland Hospital to school yourself up on these biological hazards and how to keep yourself safe if one occurs.

2. Plant and Animal Pests and Disease - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Hamish Keith takes you to Cornwall Park to discuss how animal and plant pests and diseases are a threat to New Zealand’s farming and agricultural industries.

3. Fires and Chemical Spills - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

With Guy Fawkes coming up soon, it might be a good time to watch this video on the risk of fire. Hamish also explains what hazardous substance spills might entail.

4. Terrorism and Civil Unrest - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

You’re at the Police Station, but don’t worry you won’t be locked up! Here, Hamish Keith goes over the threat of terrorism and civil unrest.

5. When Infrastructure Fails - Watch below or Watch on Vimeo.

Infrastructure includes things like buildings, roads, power and gas supplies, transport and so on that are needed for the operation of our communities. So how would you cope without any of these important services? Watch the video for some tips on how to prepare.

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