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See how this LEARNZ field trip integrates with the New Zealand Curriculum. Primary field trips target levels 2-4, while secondary field trips target Years 9-10 and NCEA levels 1-3.


Get web conference resources as well as the planning sequence. Check out links and downloads related to What's the Plan, Stan? Send us examples of student work, photos and any other ideas to add to this space.


From one month before to one month after this field trip, five newsletters are sent out to keep teachers up to date and informed about What's the Plan, Stan?

Check out: Teacher Newsletters for 2016 Auckland and Teacher Newsletters for 2017 Christchurch. Teacher Newsletters for 2018 Wellington and 2019 Hawkes Bay are linked to from your MyLEARNZ.


The Support section is set up to help you get the most out of your LEARNZ field trip experience. Here you can get a better understanding of how LEARNZ field trips work, and get ideas for integrating LEARNZ successfully into your classroom programme. You can also email help@learnz.org.nz or contact one of the LEARNZ Team.

Evaluation & Prize

After this field trip, please take five minutes in your MyLEARNZ control panel (under Enrolments) to send us an evaluation and be in the draw to win a prize. Your feedback is vital to the sustainability of the LEARNZ programme.

Check out the Evaluation Form and Prizes: 2016 Auckland | 2017 Christchurch | 2018 Wellington | 2019 Hawkes Bay.

Meet Andrew - Put a face to the name and learn more about LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher Andrew.

MyLEARNZ - Use your MyLEARNZ personal control panel to manage your classes, complete evaluations, sign up ambassadors, enrol in further field trips.